Innersloth Reveals Roadmap For Future Among Us Contents: New Map, Roles, And More!

Recently, Among Us released its fourth map of the game, The Airship. So what's next for Among Us regarding its contents? Here are some of plans that developer Innersloth has revealed.


In a Summer Games Fest video showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley, Innersloth announced a planned roadmap for Among Us and updates that players can expect to see sometime in the future. Details about this were posted in a blog on Innersloth's itch page and on the game's official Twitter handle as well. Some of the upcoming contents will include a new map, new player colors, new roles, new mode, increased player support, and more!

One of the biggest update coming to the game is its increased player support. As a lot of people know, Among Us lobbies can only support 10 players as of the moment. However, the developers are looking to expand the game lobby to be able to support 15 players. An addition of five more players can help large parties play together. Along with this, the game will be receiving a slight graphic update, a mobile controller support which will allow players to play the game on mobile with a controller, and the developers also showcased 6 new different colors: Maroon, Coral, Tan, Rose, Banana, and Gray.

Innersloth has also teased a fifth map coming into the game. However, information about its theme and unique gameplay features have not been released yet as the developers remain very secretive about this. We can expect some details some time soon.


The game's roadmap also revealed the addition of two new roles: Sheriff and the Scientist. Although not much details have been revealed, these new roles are expected to have more power than the crewmates against the hidden Impostors. According to speculations, the Sheriff may be able to kill an Imposter without a vote, while the Scientist would be able to analyze other characters' blood types.

Some of the game's future plan includes the addition of new visor cosmetics, achievements, and the new Hide n' Seek game mode. Also, account linking is being added to the cross-platform connectivity. This means that whichever platform you choose to play on will have access to all of your save data and cosmetics. Among Us will also be launching on Xbox and PlayStation consoles soon, although no official date has been announced yet.

Among Us is currently available for download on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. It is also available on PC and Nintendo Switch. To stay updated with news and information about Among Us, you can follow the game's official twitter handle, or keep an eye out via the newsletter.