Inspired by ‘Devil May Cry’, Futuristic Action Game ‘Wanted: Dead’ From Ex-Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden Developers

Wanted: Dead, a new third-person fast-action game set in a low-tech sci-fi version of Hong Kong that will allow you to master combat with both guns and melee weapons, has been announced by publisher 110 Industries and Soleil, a game development studio comprised of Team Ninja veterans who worked on both the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises. Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are two games that have influenced the crew. "An in-depth investigative side where players must examine evidence and dig into genuine police work" is also included in Wanted: Dead.


On the last day of TGS 2021, English publisher 110 Industries and ex-Ninja Gaiden creators Soleil announced Wanted: Dead, a fresh new action game. The game is billed as a third-person action game featuring "amazing melee fighting and thrilling gunplay" set in a "dark and deadly version" of science-fiction Hong Kong, where you will require honed abilities to live. In 2022, Wanted: Dead will be released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, and PC.

Even if you've never heard of Soleil, you've probably heard some of its material. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, a well-received (but swiftly forgotten) game for the Nintendo Switch, Ninjala, a free-to-play brawler for the Switch, and Devil's Third for the WiiU. Hiroaki Matsui, co-director of the Ninja Gaiden series, and Yoshifuru Okamoto, producer of Ninja Gaiden II, are in charge of the TGS 2021 project. Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki, on the other hand, is presently running a new business called Itagaki Games and working on an unnamed project for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

However, for the time being, the teaser video only shows early alpha footage from the game. It seems crude, but it reminds me a lot of Devil's Third's gun-and-slash gameplay. Given that its predecessor was created amid THQ's bankruptcy, which resulted in a worrisome development, let's hope Soleil can provide a solid, enjoyable action game this time around

[The protagonist is] a strong woman with a large build. But just because she’s powerful doesn’t mean she gets to be happy ever after. Much like she would in real life, she has her own problems. She’s supposed to be an ordinary human, but she winds up with a dangerous set of skills. Those talents wind up throwing her in life-or-death missions.

Obviously, that comes with its own type of hardship. And she isn’t just running around going ‘Oh God! I’m so scared!’ She just takes it all head on. At least on the surface, she doesn’t appear emotional as she takes on her challenges. I think that gives our heroine a somewhat hardboiled appeal. That’s her character. I think the fact that she’s both strong and beautiful is appealing. But at the same time, she’s very human. She hides that humanity within herself. She’s filled with that hardboiled attitude I previously mentioned, where she barely lets her humanity show. She’s a very cool character, I think. I think that’s appealing.

Of course, since I’ve been making action games for a while, I have lots of parts I’d be picky about. Especially the action parts themselves. I’ve been doing cutscenes and story scenes in games like that for a long while. So I wanted to get the storytelling in this one JUST right.”


Director Hiroaki Matsui stated when asked about creating Lt. Hannah Stone into a badass and tough, yet still complex main character.

Players will have the option of engaging enemies up close with melee attacks (including "a limb-severing mechanic that changes enemy attack patterns") or bringing them down from afar with guns as Lt. Hannah Stone, the head of the "Zombie Squad" that operates outside of the normal purview of the police. Wanted: Dead clearly reveals its Ninja Gaiden heritage, as well as Bayonetta and Devil May Cry inspirations, as you can see in the uncensored video above.

There is currently no release date other than "2022," but stay tuned to IGN for much more on Wanted: Dead in the months ahead.