Interaction of Elemental property weapons to Grand Cross in Revo

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Sep 13, 2018
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Due to the nature of how ATK was calculated in renewal/revo-classic settings we will test if elemental property of weapons affects the Grand Cross damage against Mummy.
For reference see image below the elemental property weakness of Mummy.
Before we do actual test we will simulate the outcome using this calculator: and compare it to the actual results.

Using my Lvl 95 Crusader (see below for stats and gears) we will input the corresponding stats to the calculator and see various results at different elemental flamberges at no buffs and the results are (see below for the images):

1) VVVS Flamberge: 3.8 - 4.1k damage
2) VVS FIre Flamberge: 4.5 - 5k damage
3) VVS Wind Flamberge: 3.8 - 4.1k damage
4) VVS Ice Flamberge: 3.8 - 4.1k damage
5) VVS Earth Flamberge: 3.8 - 4.1k damage

From the simulation it is evident that Fire elemental Flamberge gave greater Grand Cross damage over several elements for the obvious reasons that fire property is at 150% modifier or 1.5 multiplier while other elements are set to 100% modifier or multiplier of 1 against Mummy.

According to my test this are the results:
1) VVVS Flamberge: 3-4k damage
2) VVS Fire Flamberge: 4-5k damage
3) VVS Wind Flamberge: 3-4k damage
4) VVS Ice Flamberge: 3-4k damage
5) VVS Earth Flamberge: 3-4k damage

My actual damage test are similar to the simulated one. Indeed the way ATK was calculated in revo the elemental property was accounted first before the overall ATK then the overall ATK will be part of the Grand Cross damage (see previous thread for the GC formula). In other words you can have elemental propery of weapon+Holy property of GC so if you used fire/holy property enchanted weapons your Grand Cross damage will be greater against undead monsters as you can imagine to be like fire/holy weapon+Holy property of Grand Cross.

That is the general idea on why I always used Asperio on my +7 2 abysmal knight carded Flamberge to boost my damage against Undead/Shadow property MVPs. If elemental works the anti-race/protocol/size/elements should work as this parameters are accounted to ATK as well.