Interesting Games On Steam: What's Worth Checking out? PC 

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Aug 14, 2018
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Steam has established itself as a platform that showcases a plethora of games from various genres. From big to small developers and publishers, gamers can now congregate to a single platform offering numerous games, including the weird ones. Because let's face it, the gaming industry is getting rather repetitive with the same game genre or gameplay that it gets rather bland.

So here are a couple of new stuff, and also a couple of mentions of perhaps overshadowed titles that deserve a bit more recognition.

Cuphead - Nightmare Fueled Platformer

Right of the bat, we'll start off with a game that has stuff of nightmare as its game art. Everyone who grew up watching cartoons would probably recognize the old-timey animation that the game art employs, reminiscing the early days of animation. Good news is, you get the shoot those grinning fools into oblivion.

This game has been known to cause massive frustrations among gamers as it is not an easy game. So if you feel like you're up for the challenge, then, by all means, get the game today!

Shadow of The Tomb Raider – Foreigners Breaking Ancient Artifacts

Oh, Lara, you never seem to run out of tombs to ransack now, do you? The latest installment to this beloved series will be a rewarding experience to anyone who plays it as it brings gamers into a journey of non-stop adventures snowballed with crisis and desperate situations. Better get a new chair since the edge of your chair would be worn out after playing this game.

The game is accompanied by familiar game mechanics as well as new ones. Though some felt that the gameplay is quite overwhelming, other found it to be a challenge well suited for the dire situations that Lara keeps finding herself in.

Dead By Daylight – Friendship Breaking Simulator

Tired of being the runt in the group? Always picked for being that one guy who always fall for pranks? It's time for payback. Be the murderous killing machine that shuffles around the map picking off the survivors one by one. Hang them on sacrificial altars and watch them struggle to get out of it.

This is an interesting game that pits survivors against one murderous being. Survivors have to work together to restart generators and escape from getting tagged by it. This game puts teamwork, communication, and friendship to its limit. Always watch your back, you're never alone.

Hollow Knight – Bugs of the Round Table

Metroidvania games today are notoriously known for having a very thin layer of plot encompassing a very repetitive and bland gameplay. Hollow Knight does things differently as it brings in a rich story, together with fresh environment and levels to explore.

Aside from great aesthetics, Hollow Knight brings in-depth into its gameplay as it includes different power attacks, as well as the ability to insert special upgrades which can be swapped from time to time, which gives players a plethora of ways to play the game. Hollow Knight proves that the inherently repetitive gameplay of action platformer can be overcome with a dash of creative juice mixed into the concoction. This game is by no means, easy. Prepare for hours of non-stop fun!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Play Your Dream Job

There's been a steady rise in simulator games in the market, and gamers have been giving outstanding reviews to these games. From space station clean-up crew to renovation simulators, these games seem to be attracting a lot of gamers. Now, being a former skeptical myself, I totally get it.

The game provides what the world today could not. An escape. Escape from the constant noise that buzzes around your daily life. Being able to do a singular task in the serene environment that you can create in the game gives you control and focus. It also provides a safe haven for your thoughts. And it's a load of fun if you get your friends in for the multiplayer mode.

Witcher 3 – Best Game Ever

There's an obvious bias towards this game, and I'm okay with that. Right about now, the world has heard about the Witcher series and how it holds a legendary status amongst gamers. An action adventure RPG, The Witcher 3 one of the most comprehensive open world narrative that gaming has to offer. Aside from the captivating main story, there are tons of side missions that can be done, which offers different narratives depending on the choice of the path that you choose to go with.

Choose the diplomatic way? Everybody wins. Choose the aggressive route against a werewolf? Make sure you win. The game encapsulates various game mechanics that you could use in every battle, and each battle is unique where sometimes brute strength does not necessarily work in dispatching few of the roaming creatures. Work in various special oils, weapons, fighting styles and spell signs that work differently for each situation. Choose wisely, and banish monsters and build your legend.

New games pop out every day and it's worth to check out some of it. The best part is that you could check it out all in one place. There are infinite possibilities on what you might stumble into, but one thing is guaranteed. You will never be bored!