Internet Café in Cebu got their GPUs stolen, Suspect still at large

An internet café named Jam Gaming Esports Cafe, located in Cebu, managed to capture a thief stealing their GPUs on their CCTV camera last March 9. According to Limuel from Jam Gaming, when they did their routine check back on March 10th, they found out that one of their computers was missing three GeForce GTX 1050 Tis.

gpu thief.png

As seen in the video posted on their Facebook page, the thief is seen to be using his cell phone's flashlight to illuminate while stealing the GPUs from the PC unit.

It was further revealed in another video of Jam Gaming that the thief simply walked out of the establishment with the GPUs in his sling bag.

Currently, the thief remains to be unidentified and still on the run. Jam Gaming Esports Cafe has since released multiple photos of the suspect and offered a reward of 2 days worth of internet time for free for anyone who can identify the suspect and give them a lead.