Intertwined With Main Characters' Fate... Onmyoji Arena Turn Out to Be a Fortune Teller?

The Original Game behind Falling into Your Smile Reveals Main Characters' Future. Falling Into Your Smile is no stranger to netizens recently. This is a popular TV show from China and the most attractive part in this show is the game Onmyoji Arena, which is lit in Southeast Asia. Great story presented by handsome actors, no wonder so many people are addicted to it!

And I, without exception, got addicted to this show too. Answer me this: which was the first Shikigami that the leading actress played? That's right! It's the one that she mastered: Tamamonomae! Tong Yao, the leading actress, is much more than just a pretty face. She is the best in playing Tamamonomae. If you have been watching the show, you would know that there is a history behind this Shikigami and it's not with her boyfriend Lu Sicheng, but with her ex, Jian Yang, the Jungle in team CK, known as "Master Yang". Tong Yao started playing Tamamonomae with Jian Yang. It is quite uncommon to see the Thailand style romantic drama in a Chinese TV show.

In the setting of Onmyoji Arena, Tamamonomae is pitiful character. Whereas in the TV show, after becoming a professional e-sports player, Tong Yao gave up Tamamonomae and chose other Shikigamis instead, for example Ootengu, Higanbana and Yuki Onna. Personall, I believe the setting sends out a message to the audience that what happened between Tong Yao and Jian Yang is history, and Jian Yang isn't the reason why Tong Yao started her career in e-sports. She grows as a professional player in this field all by herself.

Let's look at the main character. Lu Sicheng is known as "The King of Marksman". As the leader of Team ZGDX, unlike Tong Yao, Lu is already a very successful e-sports player, but he also has trouble of his own– Li Junhe, the Pope. Li and Lu are like the light and shadow. Lu used to be Li's substitution and these two share the same tactics, style and even same Shikigami pool! To conquer the Pope, Lu needs to conquer himself first.

Youko and Dodomeki are two Shikigamis that both Lu and Li have mastered, therefore, battles between these two powers are quite competitive. Youko looks like a gentleman judging from its appearance, but he is in fact, a swinger. In the game, Youko is a good choice for the early stage of the game for its dashing ability to support your team members. It's easy to use for supporting Jungling, buffing attack speed and making quick kills. It's not too challenging to catch on with it for even a rookie like myself. Lots of room to explore as you grow stronger and get more familiar with it.

Dodomeki has such a crazy obsession with beautiful eyes that she will spare no efforts to take them and read the eye owners' memories. For beginners, Dodomeki needs a lot to master. As a Shikigami suitable for later stage, Dodomeki can steal lives and attack in near distance, also good at reaping. But the biggest weakness is that Dodomeki has to rely on buffing for passive attacks, which is quite challenging for rookies to effectively apply ULT and they need more practice to carry the whole game.

In the Episode 9 of Falling into Your Smile, Youko and Dodomeki had a really amazing fight. The battle setting was so splendid that I have every reason to believe this must be a foreshadowing. And it turned out that I was right! They met each other again in Episode 27. I am quite interested in this brotherhood and hope they would meet again.

It is said that the relationship and connection in Onmyoji Arena are also reflected in Falling into Your Smile. You must give credit to the sophisticated production of the show! So why don't you fans of the show join me in downloading this amazing game and find more Easter eggs in it!

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