Introducing a New Battle Royale Play2Earn Game PC

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Sep 17, 2019
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Hi everyone.
I've just released the first version of a play to earn battle royale game here,
You can play in your browser on desktop or laptop (mobile coming soon)

The game can have up to 100 entrants. Each time you kill a player you win real prize money.
The top 5 players with the most kills after 99 entrants have been killed receive bonus prizes too.
After 90 entrants have entered the radiation starts to come in to the middle of the map.
If you die you can re-enter the game if there was less than 100 entrants.

At the moment there are only a few players but we have still paid a few hundred $ in prizes to winners. Prizes are paid in Bitcoin
Inviting your friends will make it more fun and faster to reach payouts.

If you have any suggestions on features feel free to let me know.

Currently porting the game to the Godot engine and working on a mobile version too.

Have fun