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Discussion in 'Newcomers Introduction' started by TrumpetsGo, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. TrumpetsGo

    Newbie Gamer

    Hey guys i hope we can get along with each other....^_^
  2. Red Cabz

    Red Cabz
    Casual Gamer
    Team: Pilipinas

    Hi noobie din ako dito!
  3. Cartown37

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Nothing

    Hi, total noob here
    I'm DJ
    Since I can't see the content of the threads I don't know if there is a pinned post for the proper introduction
  4. AndroidMan

    Casual Gamer

  5. Kaevonn

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: BirdSquad

    Whats happening pinoy gamers my name is KAEVONN... heh . *dab* *dab* dab* . and I just got back from a long a** vacation. I used to stream a lot, like 5 months ago but hey... IM BACK! Anyway. my real name is Kaevin, you can call me kev, kevs, keb.. I play a lot of shooter games like Overwatch, R6Siege, CS:GO, PUBG anything that has a head shot mechanic game is pretty much what i usually play but.. i mostly stream overwatch, why? because its a pretty chill game and i think im pretty good at it.. *dab*.. I am a super nerd when it comes to PC setups *nerdgasms*.. okay.. shhh. ill stop. anyway. I just love how a pc looks with all dem lights you know. pretty cool. OKAY! yea. that is pretty much it for my introduction. THANKS! Love Diva. i mean kaevonn. *dab*
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