Introducing the Secretlab L-Shaped Desk Extension

Do it all and more with your MAGNUS Desk and its growing suite of MAGNUS accessories. Maximize and expand your MAGNUS desk with the all-new L-Shaped Desk Extension.


Personalize it with the latest MAGRGB™ Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition), MAGPAD™ Desk Mat and Magnetic Cable Anchors. Because with all that space, you simply get to express more of you.

Secretlab L-Shaped Desk Extension​

  • Sits flush on either side of your desk
  • 1.5m of additional space to hold all your gear
  • Fully compatible with the Secretlab MAGPAD™ Desk Mat and magnetic accessories
Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with your MAGNUS desk, expand your desk real estate for even more room to work and play.

Secretlab MAGRGB™ Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition)​

  • Choose from custom Scenes and exclusive presets in over 16 million colors, including Team Liquid, Cloud9 and more
  • Sync your setup across all Nanoleaf and smart home devices with the Nanoleaf App
Co-developed by Nanoleaf and Secretlab’s engineers, illuminate your desk to fit your every mood and sync it with the rest of your Nanoleaf RGB accessories in your setup for the most immersive experiences.

MAGPAD™ Desk Mat Signature Black and Magnetic Black Cable Anchors​


Cable management tray spans the entire length of your desk, so there’s plenty of room to hide your power strip and cables to your monitor, microphone, speakers, and the rest of your gaming arsenal. Snaps on in an instant, for seamless integration with your Secretlab MAGNUS. With easy access from the top and bottom, get your setup sorted within minutes.

Tame your clutter. Organize your cables with magnetic cable anchors and fastening straps, then secure loose cords to each leg with custom-cut cable sheaths. Available in a range of Signature and Special Edition bundles to match your style.

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