Introducing Valorant Team ALPHA Esports Pro


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May 12, 2019
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Marking our way into Valorant, we are poised to enter the battlefield with big brain plays and striking precision.

With each player possessing tremendous skill and the hunger to compete at the highest level possible, we will take the scene by storm. And eventually, the world will know what it means to #BurnGolden.

“ITZ” - Aveljr Villafuerte

Currently based in Alberta, Canada, Aveljr Villafuerte was born and raised at Bacoor, Cavite before moving to another region at 14 years old. Now at 24 years of age, He joins the ranks of Alpha Esports, with the vast knowledge of playing various games along with his keen talent in shooting heads inside Valorant. with the IGN of ITZ, standing for “In The Zone”, as paying tribute to one of his favorite animes.

“GKBB” - Brandon King

As the brainiac that huddled 4 stacks of talented players together to form what is now called Alpha Esports, Grandon King has a gifted eye when it comes to scouting players and bringing their potential into the competitive scene. Previously pubstomping in Dota 2 as the top 300 in North America, GKBB never played FPS before other than Valorant, proving his skill mechanic hasn’t even reached its full power. Based in Hawaii right now, he rallies the team across the globe, quite literally, to challenge the rest of the competition.

“AreyouRyu” - Ryu Torres

As the hyper-competitive comrade that he is in the team, Ryu Torres sticks it out to the team that losing is never an option. With his talent at FPS stemming from playing Counter-Strike 1.6 to Apex Legends, he has the drive to compete at the highest level possible. Aggressive but knows humility, he knows the peak can only be achieved with the help of his team around him, pulling each other higher than ever before. Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, he gets to play the game after his hospitality day job which he is equally skilled on.

“ChrisM” - Christian Rosquillo

The competitive monster in which he has played at various titles, Christian Rosquillo graced Alpha Esports with experience unlike any other FPS Player there is. Owning at every shooting genre he enters, he’s been battling it out against elite players in Rainbow-Six Siege, Call of Duty: Warzone, and other Battle Royale Games before setting his sights in Valorant under the Alpha banner. Hailing from Bacolod, he embodies the “Eat, Play, Sleep” mantra, he grinds his way to the leaderboards if not working at his day job.

“GianSanity” - Gian Carlo Abilla

The IGL for the Alpha Esports Valorant squad, Gian Carlo Abilla is a household name in the Valorant community. Currently residing in Henderson, North Carolina, he and his team is now set on taking the competitive scene by storm. With his natural leadership skills, he is tasked to rally the team to every round win, to every match victory. With the stack of talented and hungry players at his beck and call, GianSanity is ready more than ever to rock the scene as he did once more