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Apr 20, 2015
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How to upgrade Xmodgames (jailbreak version) using "Xmodgames Installer" ipa

1. Users that have already done jailbreaking can either install "Xmodgames installer" ipa by scanning the QR code provided on the PC official website of Xmodgames or install it directly after downloading the iPa from the official website using the device's Browsers.

Hint: Please ensure first that your iDevice has been jailbroken.

2. Launch Xmodgames in your iDevice. Tap on "Start Setting" to initiate setting.

Hint: While the app is under setting, please do not exit the installer until it says "Successfully Installed" or the system restarts automatically.

3. After you have successfully installed and configured Xmodgames (jailbreak version), tap and hold the icon of Xmodgames installer to delete it.

Hint: If you have any other questions regarding app installation, please contact our support team via [email protected]

Click here to know how to jailbreak.

Welcome to Xmodgames Repo, To use our repo you must manually add our repo to your Cydia sources follow the instructions below to do this.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial as video, make it easy


How to add Xmodgames Repo

1. Open Cydia

2. Go to "Sources" and tap on "Edit"

3. Tap on "Add"

4. Enter and tap on "Add Source"

Click here to know how to install Xmodgames by Cydia

How to Install Xmodgames By Deb file (using PC)

Download deb file (x.deb) Xmodgames.deb
Download iFunbox →
Download iToolsiTools for Windows / iTools for Mac
Steps (detailed):

1. Install iFunbox OR iTools on your PC

2. Connect iDevice with PC
3. Download “x.deb” from “”
4. Launch iFunbox and Copy deb file into it

Tap: ① iFunbox Classic ② your iDevice ③ Cydia App Install ④ Copy x.deb into ” Cydia App Install”

5. Restart your iDevice
“x.deb” will be auto installed. If success, the file will be deleted automatically.

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