iPhone 15 Console Gaming, FFVII Rebirth, 2k24 Negative Reviews, Starfield Bloomberg Interview, Final Fantasy Ever Crisis VPN, Amber Heard Co and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about iPhone 15 Console Gaming, FFVII Rebirth, Amber Heard Cosplay, 2k24 Negative Reviews, Starfield Bloomberg Interview with Hotfix Update, Final Fantasy 16 PC, Square Enix Media Narrative, Final Fantasy Ever Crisis VPN, Honkai Star Rail Twitch Incentives, and Only Up.


iPhone 15 Console Gaming
The new iPhones 15 have been revealed and like before there two variants the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro, Are you buying? From what I've seen the new iPhone 15 starts at 56,990 php while the new iPhone 15 Pro starts at 70,000 php. Then the iPhone 15 Pro max version can go up to 108,990 php. If you have the money good for you. But something is new with the marketing of iPhone, because it seems like they are aiming at game consoles. Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to iPhone 15 Pro in 2023. Resident Evil 4 remake and Resident Evil Village coming to iPhone 15 Pro in 2023, Assassin’s Creed Mirage coming to iPhone 15 Pro in early 2024. Basically triple A gaming titles are coming to iPhone and apparently they will have hardware accelerated ray tracing. Do note I keep saying the word Pro here, because it feels like you can only play this games on the pro and pro max version. So meaning you will need to spend 70,990 to play this triple A games or you can just buy and actual console or a PC. Before you say but the graphics could be better right since its apple? Right? Well Gematsu showed some gameplay screenshots of Resident Evil I could say yes it looks good but not as good as console or pc. So basically these are bold claims from Apple, as usual.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
For more Final Fantasy-related news Square Enix dropped details for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. So here are the information
the follow-up embraces "free exploration". Players will be able to return to any of the regions in the world after the main quest moves on from that area each region will also feature its own type of chocobo. There will be nearly 100 hours of adventure awaits will feature "compelling stories, fun mini-games, and so much more. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will feature "double" the amount of side content compare to the original game confirming in the process that it will extend up to the Forgotten Capital. If you are Final Fantasy VII Fan you know this scene very well someone might you know. However Tetsuya Nomura also said some potential change sfrom the original game which we are not sure what at the moment. The original party members are all present If you remember Red 13 he was part of the team around the second half of the first entry however in the Rebirth he will be a playable character from the start. As for Cait Sith and Vincent not sure yet, although we saw Vincent in one of the screenshots. Theres more but those are the biggest updates. However even though the plan is a trilogy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth won't let you carry your save file over. Special bonuses for fans who played the previous game. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to release on February 29 on PlayStation 5.

Honkai Star Rail Twitch Incentive
The Honkai Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program offers a range of enticing rewards for both streamers and viewers. Streamers can accumulate a total of 3,980x Stellar Jades through these milestones. Furthermore, by achieving specific total watch durations, they can earn even more Jades. In addition to these in-game rewards, the top streamer on the leaderboard will receive a cash prize of $6,000. The competition will be fierce, with cash rewards ranging from $100 to $6,000, depending on the streamer's rank.

Only Up
Do you guys know the game Only Up? It became viral too. Well apparently the developer of the game removed their game from Steam. Apparently, the game was done by a single developer and because of the game he became stressed out. So it's not a marketing stunt or anything The developer is just stressed although there was no mention of why the developer got stressed. But for now, the developer mentioned is he needs a space for healing and plans to continue his education. He also hopes his future projects will be created by a small team rather than independently. Do you remember Angry Birds? This case is the same thing the game got very popular then the creator delisted it.

FFVII Every Crisis
Do you guys remember Final Fantasy Ever Crisis? The game was launched last September 7 Globally… except SEA for some reason. Because it wasnt released on SEA well some gamers found a way to find and play the game. One method is to create another Google Play account in a different region and then switch. For example, you can switch to US or Japan. Next is to play the game you will need VPN because apparently even if you download or install the game you can’t play at least in some countries. Basically, once you download just open a VPN and there you go you can play. However, Square Enix knows about this. According to the Square Enix social media account, they have detected a large number of unauthorized access to the Japan server. because the official SE Japanese social media account said they are prohibiting VPN use. Even though I saw some users still playing the game the restriction will be parked under violation of the Terms of Conditions which can lead to an account ban. So when is it coming out? I have no idea i suspect they are looking for a publisher

NBA 2k24
Do you still play sports video games? Like NBA 2K? Well apparently the NBA 2K24 is now one of the worst-rated games on Steam fighting with Overwatch 2. One of the biggest complaints of the PC version is that it's not “next-gen” and basically not on par with PS5 and the new Xbox. The game is visually less impressive than the current-gen console versions. Some game mods are also missing. NBA 2K24 had the story-driven portion of MyCareer stripped from the game. There are limitations in crossplay functionality. Another thing is the apparently there are too many cheaters. And finally Angry Joe's favorite “It’s the same as last year with barely any improvements”. The main reason why I stop playing sports games so im voting with my wallet. And there's more you can read through the steam reviews its a goldmine.

Final Fantasy 16 PC
I totally forgot about this, Basically, the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is official. This was announced in PAX West 2023 by Naoki Yoshida. No release dates though because apparently, the game's PC version is still in development . And as far as i know, 2 DlC are also in development .

Square Enix
But there is one dumb argument by the mainstream media. So apparently Square Enix lost nearly $2 billion in market value and guess the narrative? Here are some of the titles of the news outlets. IGN - Square Enix Loses Nearly $2 Billion in Value Since Final Fantasy 16, ComicBook.com - Final Fantasy 16 Leads to Huge Loss for Square Enix. Bloomberg - $2 billion of its value since Final Fantasy XVI (note they revised this). Do you notice the narrative? They seem like they are blaming Final Fantasy? Many are blaming Final Fantasy 16 for the company’s underwhelming sales but the game got possessive reviews overall, Here are some of the things Square Enix Mentioned. Square Enix has previously said that it also considers the game a success the title sold three million units in its first week and the sales were ‘extremely strong‘. Do you know what's missing here that this mainstream media aren't saying? Square Enix’s flops like Marvel’s Avengers and Forspoken. You don't hear this Disney property marvel and you don't hear this with Forspoken, and we all know how bad Forspoken is.

Amber Heard Cosplay
According to a new book about the Tesla CEO Elun Musk Amber Heard spent two months designing Overwatch Mercy Cosplay.

Starfield Interview and Mods
Have you seen the Bloomberg interview for Starfield? Basically, one interviewer is asking legitimate questions for example. Why isn't Starfirled optimized for PC, in which Tod Howard replies you need to upgrade. The other question is why don't we have vehicles? But the one that stood up for me is when you ask this type of question, What is your preferred means of traveling through space?

The other thing is there was a controversy in the Modding community. Basically, Nexus mods removed or banned modders who removed the ability to select pronouns. So from what I've heard Nexus mods are apparently politically biased. But that not the issue, I just find it funny Pronouns Mods are removed but naked mods are allowed, somethings off not sure what.

Before we go to politics Starfield will officially support mods and finally DLSS. DLSS is another issue where in a modder paywalled the ability to get DLSS. Other hotfix includes Brightness and Contrast controls, HDR Calibration Menu, FOV Slider, Nvidia DLSS Support (PC), 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC) and Eat button for food! There will be performance improvements as they are working with Nvidia, AMD and Intel for driver support

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