iPhone 15 Pro struggles to maintain high performance when Genshin Impact is set to its highest setting

Through Apple’s recent keynote, the company showcased the amazing gaming capabilities of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, further stating that both devices will be able to play current-generation AAA games with ray tracing enabled.

iPhone 15.png

To support this claim, there's evidence showing that the latest model of iPhone can play Resident Evil Village when connected to an external monitor. However, when it comes to Genshin Impact at its highest setting, it appears that the device is having a hard time, according to one video.

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The YouTube channel named TheRelaxingEnd published an unboxing video of the iPhone 15 Pro in four finishes along with the iPhone 15 Pro Max but the former was the only one tested by the content creator. Nevertheless, when they finally tested out the device, it appears to be doing well when running game titles such as GTA: San Andreas, eFootball PES, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty: Mobile but when it came to Genshin Impact, it is where it went downhill.

As Genshin Impact allows its players to have control when adjusting in-game visual settings, the content creator took advantage of this and cranked up all those settings to their highest, including the frame rate which they set to 60FPS, since the iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with the world’s first 3nm A17 Pro. However, this proved to be highly taxing to the device since when engaged in basic combat, Genshin Impact’s performance rapidly declined.

The game also experienced traversal stuttering, which may lead to either the A17 Pro is thermal throttling resulting in the game having lower performance, or the game is not optimized for the latest chip. Due to this, the content creator hinted that they might make an iPhone 15 Pro Max video to see if the device might have a better performance when running Genshin Impact.

Unfortunately, there are already reports that the iPhone 15 Pro Max also experiences thermal throttling when running the game, needing an external fan to maintain performance. If you are still invested in the idea of running a game like Genshin Impact on the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s best to invest now in external coolers.