IPT & NMD Rage Will Face in an All-filipino Finals at Netease Games Top Clans 2020 Marvel Super War Sea Invitational

Three teams remain at the MARVEL Super War Southeast Asia Invitational. Imperium Pro Team, NMD Rage, and Tuby are fighting for pride, glory, and a lion’s share of the 20,000 USD prize pool! Find out who came out on top and made it to the Grand Finals!


Facing-off in the upper bracket finals of the MARVEL Super War SEA Invitational are Philippine squads Imperium Pro Team (IPT) and NMD Rage. Both teams have dominated each of their matchups so far in the tournament. But IPT showed in the first two games that they’re a cut above the rest, evident in their superior team fighting and map movement. NMD Rage was clearly unafraid to go toe to toe, but they were repeatedly punished for their overagression because of IPT’s faster reaction time and better positioning when grouping up for teamfights. IPT even whipped out a support mage in Ebony Maw in Game 2 for their star midlaner xLight, but still managed to crush NMD in 12 minutes.

In Game 3, NMD Rage focused all of their bans on xLight’s hero pool, forcing him to play Yondu in the mid lane. Rage capitalized on Yondu’s weak early game by forcing teamfights to gain a huge early lead. NMD Rage were able to snowball this early lead and with Darrfinn popping off on Star-Lord, to secure their first victory of the series.

NMD Rage tried to do the same strategy in Game 4, banning all of xLight’s most played heroes. xLight responded by bringing out his Jubilee in the mid lane. After suffering that humiliating defeat in the last game, IPT was wide awake by Game 4 and the well-oiled machine is running again. IPT played around JUNGLEKING who was absolutely crushing the matchup using Captain America, constantly invading the enemy jungle backed by two to three of his teammates to close the series. IPT’s victory sends NMD Rage to the lower bracket finals against Thailand’s Tuby.



It felt like NMD Rage was still reeling from the tough loss that they suffered at the hands of Imperium Pro Team in the first match, as they looked extremely sluggish in Game 1 against Tuby. The Thai squad capitalized on NMD’s mistakes and picked apart their base with proper map movement and efficient split-pushing.

Game 2 was a much more competitive match and NMD Rage finally looked like the team that dominated in the group stage. The gold lead stayed even for the majority of the game, with no team gaining any advantage. But a crucial teamfight in the Surtur area where Rage took down three members of Tuby allowed them to push for victory and they didn’t even bother taking down the objective to even up the series. The third game 3 was pretty much the same with both teams playing it safe and unafraid to make risky plays. It was Tuby who first made a risky play with Tuby.CEELEK stealing Surtur at the 10-minute mark from NMD Rage. They used Surtur to gain a sizeable advantage and slowly starved Rage out of resources leading to a Game 3 victory for the Thai squad.

In Game 4 despite a dominant win in the previous game, Tuby looked absolutely lackluster. The whole team refused to respond to NMD Rage’s aggression, choosing to stand back while the enemy took towers after towers until they had enough gold lead to make one final push in the mid lane setting us up for a deciding Game 5.

As per tournament rules, the fifth game of the series was going to be a blind pick, meaning there’ll be no bans and both teams can choose to play the same hero. That’s exactly how it went down as both teams chose to field Ant-Man and Deadpool. It was a close game all throughout, with no team getting a huge lead. The pivotal team fight happened in the bot lane at the 21-minute mark with NMD Rage pushing with Surtur. Tuby’s carries CEELEK and DoubleP overextended, while RAGE Near managed to land multiple crowd control. NMD Rage was able to finish off multiple members of Tuby and RAGE Exhibit made the game-winning push.

NMD Rage’s win sets them up with an all-Filipino Grand Finals and a rematch against Imperium Pro Team.


The Grand Finals of the first-ever Top Clans 2020 MARVEL Super War SEA Invitational will happen on November 6, 2020! It’ll be a best-of-5 showdown between Filipino teams Imperium Pro Team and NMD Rage.

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You can watch the Grand Finals live on:

  • fb.com/TopClansOfficial
  • fb.com/TopClansOfficial.TH (Thai stream)
Youtube: youtube.com/c/TopClansEsports

Twitch: twitch.tv/topclansesports

  • tiktok.com/@topclansesports
  • tiktok.com/@topclansesportsth (Thai)
Make sure to tune in to the live stream and support your favorite MARVEL Super War pro teams. You also have a chance to win in-game items just by watching the stream. For each match, mystery codes will appear during highlights (first blood, double etc.) and fans need to send the codes in the chat for a chance to win. The winners will be announced after each match on Top Clans 2020’s official Facebook channels.

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