Irithel Build and Guide

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Oct 9, 2018
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Irithel is excellent in harassment and possess great crowd controlling ability even in early game. Her ultimate, the Heavy Crossbow switches her weapon to deal explosive burst damage to enemies within specified radius. With her excellent mobility, Irithel is definitely a tough marksman for opponents to crack down.

Interesting Fact – Currently, Irithel is the only hero in Mobile Legend that sits on a mount. She is also the only hero that is able to move and attack at the same time.

1) Blue Buff is not important at all on Irithel, avoid stealing it from higher priority heroes in your team. Take it if your team ignores it or if you can steal it from the enemy jungle.
Red Buff is extremely good because it increases the damage but most importantly it gives more Movement Speed, you should try to have it active as much as possible.
2) 1st Skill gets higher damage and higher Armor Reduction with each level; 2nd Skill gets higher damage and lower CD with each level.
I personally like maxing out 1st Skill first because the enemy Armor Reduction can be useful both to jungle faster (since monsters have armor) and to deal more damage during teamfights (removing enemy armor both you and your allies will deal more damage!) so overall I think it's the most efficient level up choice. Lower cooldown on 2nd Skill is also nice but it doesn't go down enough to be justified over the other.
3) Your 1st Skill can't hit enemies that are too close to you so always take that into consideration and try to keep your distance.
4) You can use your 1st Skill and Ultimate while moving but you can't do the same with your 2nd skill. When using the 2nd Skill Irithel will stop moving for a bit so keep that in mind.
5) 1st Skill is extremely good not so much for the damage it provides but for the good amount of Armor Reduction it provides. It can potentially lower the Armor of multiple enemies during a fight making the damage dealt by you and your Physical allies higher. When maxed out you can consider the Armor Reduction as removing 1 Armor item from a Tank which is obviously very good. During Fights you should try to hit the enemy tank with it and in general if possible it's better to focus down the enemies you hit with the debuff.
6) Your ultimate can be used to jump over small walls. There is no need to use it immediately 100% of the time at the start of a fight, if not necessary (so no good opportunity to deal explosion damage) consider delaying using it a bit later making use of the "jump" to chase\retreat\reposition.
Sometimes you will find minion waves with a lot of minions and it would take a long time to kill them all one by one, in this kind of case don't be afraid to use your ultimate to quickly farm them all with the explosion damage, the cooldown is not very long and it will make you save a lot of time.
7) Don't. Stop. Moving. Moving is what Irithel is all about. Move around when you are in lane and you hit minions, while you run around you can also briefly enter in range of enemy heroes from some easy harass. Move around when you are jungling so that the Monster will keep chasing you (not the Ranged one of course) so it will only be able to hit you a couple of times while you kill it. Most importantly keep moving during ganks\teamfights, staying on the move will allow you to still deal a lot of damage while making it harder for enemies to predict your movements and hit their skillshots.

- Powerful AOE attack skill
- High damage
- Shooting while moving
- Skill that can greatly reduce target physical defense dan moving speed
- Ultimate skill clear lane very fast

- Low Max HP (fragile)
- Slow attack speed


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Dec 3, 2019
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I'm disappointed about this new skin of Irithel, Astral Wanderer.

Firstly, her model isn't very fantastic overall. It's like Lesley's - Stellaris Ghost and other mecha's but a bit worse in my opinion. We all know that we are tired of mecha/robot skins. It's not great in conclusion for the model. It could have been better.

Oh boy... In her entrance animation, they showed a rocket launcher and we all thought that her ultimate will be like that. But no, instead it's a larger crossbow arrow like her previous skins. It would have been better if that rocket is her ulti basic attack but overall, her entrance animation is amazing.

The skill effects... I saw Hororo Chan's video of Astral Wanderer and she (or he) didn't like the skill effects that it looks like an Elite Skin/Special Skin and me too as well and it's a Lucky Box Skin. It's not impressive unlike her Zodiac Skin with impressive skill effects. It's a big drop from her Zodiac Skin. It could have been better if they thinked through more. 1st and Ultimate are not impressive with lack of effects but the 2nd skill is amazing. In conclusion, it's not that bad.

Irithel's Lucky Box have a different walking and attacking animation due to her hand being her crossbow and not having a physical crossbow this time to shoot with. With this change some of her animation isn't working like when she attacks behind her and she is just shooting and looking forward, she will not look back. They should patch it in the next update.

In conclusion, her Lucky Box Skin has a lot of disappointments but it's still impressive (for others). They should fix or improve some things in the future like fixing the attacking animation and improve 1st and Ultimate Skill Effects.

Overall Score: 2.5/5


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Jul 31, 2019
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thank you for the tips,im considering Irithel for now as i just got her zodiac though she'll be nerfed,wanna try her still.