Is It A Hit Or Miss? New Footage And Information of Pokemon Unite Beta Leaked

Hello, Pokemon fans out there! Today, we're going to look at the images and few details of Pokemon Unite Beta that leaked a few days ago. The initial roster, basic mechanics, and a few skill descriptions were included. But, knowing how the existing MOBA games right now, will Pokemon Unite thrive in this genre and platforms?

Pokemon Unite a.jpg

What you're seeing here is the home screen of Pokemon Unite Beta. For those who are wondering what platforms you'll be able to play this, its description states that it will be available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch with cross-platform compatibility. Sounds good, isn't it?

The tweets were originally written in Spanish, but thanks to Google and a bit of common sense, we're able to understand the information. Now, just like any other usual MOBA we've played, the 5v5 is always the standard matchup. The same goes for Pokemon Unite but replace the roster with Pokemons and adjust the gameplay into something friendly.

Pokemon Unite b.jpg

For those who don't know, Tencent and The Pokemon Company teamed up to create this. And obviously, Tencent is trying to tap into MOBA genre once again using a very successful title. According to the tweet, the first impressions of the testers were mixed.

  • Fun and entertaining game at first, easy to learn
  • Lack of competitive challenge that easily leads to boredom

The impressions were self-explanatory and not that complicated for normal players. There are people who only want to have fun, and others who want to compete. But, try to change your focus on the left side of the image above where you can see the roster of Pokemons that you can play.

Pokemon Unite c.jpg

Now, look here. Based on what we're seeing here, we're going to play with mostly Gen 1 Pokemons with the exception of, most noticibly, Greninja, Talonflame, and Zeraora. For old and longtime fans, you can still find the game entertaining. But for the younger generation of trainers who grew up starting in Sun and Moon, you might find this roster lacking.

Another flaw that the game might face in the future is the demand for Pokemons from the Pokedex. Have you ever wondered how many Pokemons exist already? Yep, inserting them all in this MOBA version of the game is possible, but it will be a huge challenge.

Pokemon Unite d.jpg

Unlike the usual element matchup in Pokemon games, Pokemon Unite will use the standard MOBA matchup wherein your Pokemons have roles: Strike/Power, Support, Standard/Balancer, Defense, Speed. And each playable Pokemon can be classified into 3 difficulties of use: Beginner, Medium, Advanced/Master.

Every Pokemon with an evolution line will evolve starting at LvL 5. If your Pokemon has third evolution, it will evolve at LvL 7. There are two types of attacks - short-ranged and long-ranged. You can choose from the two new moves that your Pokemon will acquire once it levels up. At LvL 9, your Pokemon will forget its basic move and will be replaced by the unite move as its third move.

Pokemon Unite e.jpg

Here's an example of how your Pokemon's move set grow. It's written in another language, but this is Pikachu's moves. In the beginning, Pikachu may learn between Thunder Shock & Electroweb. At LvL 5, you can choose between Electro Ball & Thunder. And at LvL 7, you can choose between Thunderbolt & Volt Tackle. At later levels, you can level them up just like how it goes in MOBA mechanics.

Pokemon Unite f.jpg

At later stages of the battle, some Legendary Pokemons such as Zapdos will show up in the center of the map which will give you a huge amount of points than the wild pokemons you'll encounter. And let's not forget the classic Pokemon items that you can also get in the game such as the Rare Candy which randomly drops in the map and gives your Pokemon a special effect.

Some basic info of the available pokemon right now:
  • Bulbasaur - Ivysaur - Venusaur line: Strike + Medium + Long-range
  • Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard line: Standard + Beginner + Short-range
  • Squirtle - Wartortle - Blastoise line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
  • Pikachu line: ? + Medium + Long-range
  • Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff line: Support + Medium + Short-range
  • Machop - Machoke - Machamp line: Standard + Medium + Short-range
  • Slowpoke - Slowbro line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
  • Snorlax line: ? + Beginner + Short-range
  • Lucario line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
  • Froakie - Frogadier - Greninja line: Strike + Advanced + Long-range
  • Fletchling - Fletchinder - Talonflame line: Speed + Medium + Short-range
  • Zeraora line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
The map is different from the usual square-shaped arena and the winning mechanic is not the usual destruction of the enemy's base. But, I guess you already saw it in some Pokemon Unite gameplay footage. And, oh, just in case you're wondering where this came from, you can check out or follow @pokexperto on Twitter. All images in here are credited to them.

So, the question remains - Is it a hit or miss? Will this new MOBA approach catch us all? Or will Pokemon Unite become another Pokemon title on the curb? Well, I can't definitely judge it right now. Who knows? Maybe its hype will soon grow and become another legendary game. But, how about you? What do you think of this game? Tell us your thoughts below.