Is The Legend Of Neverland is speculated a Genshin Impact clone?

A new mobile MMORPG known as The Legend of Neverland has caused quite a stir among the Genshin Impact community.


When Genshin Impact was initially revealed to the public, it got criticized when fans of Legend of Zelda series pointed out similarities between the two. But when it was released, even if the game was inspired by the popular Nintendo title, it was then known how both of the games are different from each other.

However, the same could not be said with The Legend of Neverland. Aside from the colorful world of Teyvat that could be seen in this new mobile game, it also features the same battle system and art design of Genshin Impact. Add to that, there’s also quite the number of mechanics that have commonality to miHoYo’s gacha title.

Another evidence that was seen in the game’s official page is that players could switch between characters any time, combining their abilities and attacks. Moreover, there’s also what seems to be a small fairy companion that was inspired by Genshin Impact’s mascot, Paimon. Even Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners has pointed out the similarities between the two games and posted it on his official Twitter account.

There’s still no news yet if miHoYo will take action on this issue. But this isn’t the first time that mobile games were made to clone popular game titles. Let’s just wait on what will miHoYo decide on.