Isometric view action RPG Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes has finally launched on mobile devices!

Action Square’s isometric view action RPG, Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes, was officially launched last January 9 for Android and iOS devices. The developers announced its release in the game’s official Facebook page.

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If interested, you can download the game via its official store pages, such as the Google Play Store and One Store for Android devices, and Apple App Store for iOS devices.


Feel each hit through your fingertips with brilliant skills! A true Action RPG in isometric view!
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■ Game Introduction
This is real action!
An Action RPG to experience real action with awesome feedback!

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▶ Experience Raw Action
Feel the power of brilliant skills through your fingertips!
A true Action RPG in isometric view!

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▶ Multitude of heroes with unique characteristics
Meet heroes with various fighting styles!
Experience stylish battles with unique hero skills!

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▶ Non-stop barrage of content!
Hold the front from a horde of monsters in Guardian Mode!
Topple relentless bosses in the Sealed Relic Tower!
Rise through the ranks in endless competition in Dimension Gate!

To expand the details about the variety of content of the game, the Guardian Mode will have players test their resiliency against hordes of monsters that will spawn while in the Sealed Relic Tower, players will have to defeat numerous relentless bosses. Lastly, the Dimension Gate will put players in endless competition for them to win to rise the ranks.

Note, the minimum system requirements for the game are 4 GB RAM, 5 GB available storage space, and an operating system of iOS 13 or higher as well as Android 6.0 or higher.



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