Its about time Digimon fans! Anime 


Sep 21, 2014

How many years I've waited !!! finally the release of this epic game have paid off Cyber Sleuth is coming to Playstation 4 at PSVita this 2014! to all Digimon fans out there I am sure you guys cant wait to see this awesome game to be launched well the same goes for me LOL! because last time I played an English Digimon game was late 90's in a Playstation console.

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In the near-future slipping between the real world and the digital world has become an aspect of every day life. An online encounter with a mysterious hacker sets in motion a role-playing adventure that will see players hopping back and forth between real Japan and digital...not Japan and by the way thankyou BANDAI! for making this happen.

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I really don't know the mechanics of the game but all I do know is that I can't wait to use Greymon!

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