It's Big Brain Time: Contingency Contract # 0 "Operation Barrenlands" arrives in Arknights

Guild of Guardians
Arknights is a game that can be a hit or miss to different people for the fact that the game requires proper thinking, proper team composition, and timing to succeed maps, while the first 3-star will help you achieve victory and make the map autoable, it is never a guarantee as roster changes such as promotions will affect the timing as deployment costs change. People who have been playing so far have seen this and have mastered some of the techniques in the game so they demand a challenge, we have been served once but now it returns. Contingency Contract has once again arrived. Here's the news about it.

Operation Barrenlands a.png

Contingency Contract # 0 "Operation Barrenlands"
Contingency Contract is a game mode where it does not cost Sanity or the stamina system to play the game but you need to use different "contracts" that may help or hinder your operators. While some missions will allow you to contracts that will benefit your team in order to get the rewards. The majority of the time you will take the ones that either buff the enemy or debuff your squad. The player base has been collaborating ever since to check their strategies and lineups to avoid being stomped by enemies in this game mode and now that it is up again, expect the chaotic fun this event brings. If the last season brought you, terror, prepare for more...

Operation Barrenlands b.png

But with different maps, different enemies, and different gimmicks to play around. This game mode has been lauded by the majority of the players as this always brings challenges to the player base and emphasize their tactics in the game as you have a permanent map to play with and a daily map that you need to finish always. The event starts on the 10th of September and ends on the 24th, surely by now you know that you have 2 weeks of game time to think about. Play the dailies, get the rewards, and show the enemies that you can fight them all.

Operation Barrenlands c.jpg

Bibeak is also available at the Secret Sanctuary in the Contingency Contract, she's a strong operator that will definitely be handy in the future, so make sure to play so that you get her.

New Banner: The Piper on the Knoll
We have been waiting for this one, ladies and gentlemen, fellow doctors of Rhodes Island, it is time. Time for Bagpipe to arrive in our RI! That's right the next limited-time banner is up and it will feature various operators that we have been hyping at. The Piper on the Knoll will have a 2-week duration of the banner.

Operation Barrenlands d.png

The contents will contain 3 new operators that will definitely help us here in CC#0. We have 6-star Vanguard Bagpipe, 5-star Sniper Sesa, and finally last but DEFINITELY not the least, 4-star Guard Utage. Together with them in the rate-up is 5-star Vanguard Zima. These are all interesting characters that will definitely impact the game for everyone. So if you have spare orundums in your possession, better use them if you're not saving!

Operation Barrenlands dd.png

Even though you missed these operators above though, you can still get them in the future as after the banner ends, you will acquire them in the standard pool. So you do not worry if you failed to get some.

New Skins at the Outfit Store
One of the reasons why Originite Prime is being hoarded by the Doctors, other than the standard packs in the shop and the gacha, they use it to buy different skins for their favorite operators. Whether because they are useful or those are their waifus and husbandos, their OPs would be used there because they want to show the operators that they are their favorite.

Operation Barrenlands f.png

Being featured from September 10 to 24 will be the 3 new skins for these operators.
  • Hoshiguma - 0011 Tempest-Series - Patrolling Ronin
  • Zima - MARTHE - Ready to Go
  • Gavial - EPOQUE - Combat Medic
Only featured for a limited time so better get them.

Dailies and Supplies are Open PLUS Free Sanity every day
We know that not everyone is prepared for CC#0 and the developers know that, I mean some might have recently joined and others are still prioritizing their favorites than the ones commonly used in this game mode. That is why you do not need to fret as the game is gonna help you prepare while the CC is on.

Operation Barrenlands g.png

Once again, the Supplies and Dailies are open again, these include the various chip nodes that will help you in your promotions with your operators and the various daily missions like the Red Voucher for the Voucher Shop, Skill Books for leveling up skills, LMD Node for obtaining LMDs or the monetary value in the game and finally, Carbon Nodes for upgrading the base. As usual, the EXP farm is always open for those who wish to level their units so we can exclude it from the announcement.

Operation Barrenlands h.png

But if you're worried about the lack of sanity that you need to acquire them, do not worry, the game will be giving away free Emergency Sanity Potions worth 100 Sanity every day so you can progress at a much FASTER pace.

New Lucky Drop Furniture Set - Healthy Diner
Designing the dorm can be a hassle since it requires you to buy dorm furniture at the shop and it costs a lot of the required currency. While that can be a pain, just playing the game can net you various furniture sets that you can use the jump start the ambiance of the dorm. Therefore, it is lucky if we get some while playing the game.

We had a run with the Colombian Modern Hotel as the furniture set for a while and this update will replace that with the Healthy Diner furniture set. This set might be neat if you want a good food court area for your dorm. After all, a lot of operators praise Rhodes Island for their food so it fits.

Operation Barrenlands i.png

The Colombian Modern Hotel furniture set will be available meanwhile at the store to complete the collection so if you like the set, you can just straightly buy it without worrying about RNG's wrath, haha.

Challenge is imminent, it's time to go all out! Best of luck to all Doctors of RI. Let's overcome the challenge and beat "Operation Barrenlands" together!