It's Happening!!! Princess Connect! Re:Dive is Coming to Global iOS Android 

Every gacha gamers know that there are games that would be amazing if it had a global version. One of the reasons that it is regarded so is the fact that how great the game is handled on the origin country, combine that with some waifus that players will be dying to collect is something else as well, now, we always say, don't let memes be dreams, make it real! We can only meme about it for years now, but it is happening, folks!!!


What's happening? Princess! Connect Re:Dive is happening! Nicknamed as Priconne, this game has been hit in the Japanese region due to its fun gameplay, memorable characters, awesome animation parts on their moves, and how Cygames handle this IP. Always praised for the generous amount of rolling materials and how fun the game is, people have been begging Cygames to release a global version of the game. But for some reason, they will not just do it. Years have passed and people who were hopeful for a global version are just trolled around the internet due to it considered as impossible. When you ask gacha gamers which game do they wish to have a global version of, most would say Priconne. Well, the last days have been great news for those who have waited and does not want to play in the JP server.

The publisher for this game would be Crunchyroll Games, publisher of other anime games for a while now such as Danmachi, AoT Tactics, and Mass for the Dead. While some people are skeptical about the publisher because there are lots of controversy in how they handle their games, it's not like they're the worst, we could name some publishers who have a bad reputation among the community such as Nexon and Netmarble but we can hope that Crunchyroll would not mess up this one!


They are running a pre-registration campaign right now and it seems to be going well, since this game has been popular for a while now, people who have been waiting for this and those who want to be in the next big gacha have gathered to try it out as soon as it releases, with a hype train gathering soon, it is safe to assume that this game will on watchful eyes so the publisher should be faithful as to what JP version has.


But that's all for now, you bet I will be following this news as a gacha gamer, the only worry I have is time-management among my other games, but I will manage. So let's join the hype train and join the Priconne discussion now!