It’s Time to Master the Battlefield in Battle Royale Shooter SUPER PEOPLE

Can’t wait to dive into the highly anticipated battle royale SUPER PEOPLE? It was revealed that players can pre-load the game this weekend starting on October 8th at 8PM PT. Players that want to get ready to dive onto the dangerous terrain on Orb Island can head over to Steam to download and get ready for the Early Access launch on October 11th.


SUPER PEOPLE is an action-packed battle royale that just wrapped up its final beta test. Thousands of players from all across the world dove into the game to try out some of the quality of life improvements, changes, new character classes and more. The Wonder People team have used all the feedback from players to prioritize important changes to make SUPER PEOPLE the best it can be.

In addition to the pre-load news, Wonder People held a SUPER PEOPLE Dev Talks Stream on October 5th. During the stream, SUPER PEOPLE’s Director Park revealed several new outfits, introduced some new system changes and demonstrated special skills of the new class, Demolisher.

The early access pre-load will be available for our super soldiers who’ve been eagerly waiting to play the game since the final beta,” says Director Park. “I encourage everyone to pre-load the early access and hope you enjoyed our Dev Talks Stream where we announced new content for the early access.”

For more information about SUPER PEOPLE’s Early Access Pre-load and Developer livestream, check out the official website at

SUPER PEOPLE Early Access Pre-load Guide
  1. 1) Log in to your Steam client and search “SUPER PEOPLE”.
  2. 2) Click “Play Game” button to pre-load the game.
    • SUPER PEOPLE will be available after the Early Access is released.
    • Regardless of having “SUPER PEOPLE FINAL BETA” in your library, you will need to go to the Steam store and download “SUPER PEOPLE” to play the game.
SUPER PEOPLE System Requirements


Log in to your Steam client now to install SUPER PEOPLE.

About Wonder People

Wonder People is a Korean game developer founded by game enthusiasts and industry veteran Min Hur, a leading figure in the Korean game industry who founded Neople and developed the hit game Dungeon and Fighter Online.

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