James Bond Returns To Rocket League: Aston Martin Details And Release PC PS4 XBox One Switch 


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Jun 10, 2022
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James Bond is mostly known for thrilling action, beautiful women and even more beautiful cars. It's only logical that some of the most iconic car bodies find their way to Rocket League. Today it's all about the Aston Martin DBS!
There are just so many reasons to celebrate in Rocket League right now. Just recently, Psyonix launched the Birthday Ball event to celebrate its seventh birthday, and now it's James Bond's 60th anniversary on the big screen, too! Happy Birthday!
The popular British secret agent is not a new face in Rocket League either because he was already featured in the Battle Arena last year. No, not him personally, of course, but his cars! So now, familiar packs return and brand-new items show up in the Rocket League Item Shop for the first time ever. Noice.
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James Bond Aston Martin Bundles In Rocket League
Do you remember last summer? Back then, we were far from being in the 7th season of Rocket League, but James Bond was already an integral part of the game. Back then you could also grab the Aston Martin Valhalla including its Dominus hitbox... but this time?
This new bundle will show up for you in the Rocket League Item Store:
007's Aston Martin DBS – Body
007's Aston Martin DBS – Engine Audio
007's Aston Martin DBS – Wheels
Reel Life – Decal
Aston Martin DBS – Player Banner

These sexy goodies will cost you 1,100 Rocket League Credits. But that's not all. The two Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin Valhalla Bundles from last year are also returning. If you're new to Rocket League and a big James Bond fan, this is the perfect opportunity to fill your garage with new items.
By the way, if you want to treat not only your eyes but also your ears, there's the "James Bond Theme" player anthem for 300 RL credits on top of that. Just listen to that sound!

Aston Martin DBS: Hitbox And Details
Like the other Bond Car Bodies before it, the Aston Martin DBS features a Dominus hitbox. This makes last-minute saves in Rocket League so much easier for you, and the car is also quite mobile due to its dimensions. No wonder, Dominus is one of the most popular hitboxes in Rocket League.

Aston Martin Release Date In Rocket League
You can get all the James Bond Bundles between July 13 and 19, 2022. During this time, the Birthday Ball event is also running in Rocket League – currently, most players are probably playing Knockout. The mode is really fun, but that's another story.
And with that, you're already well-informed about Agent 007 in Rocket League. Now you can expand your sports car collection in your garage or destroy your opponents Bond-style.