Johnson The Guide for a Perfect And Safe Drive


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May 1, 2019
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Johnson was feared before somewhere in S9, he's the hero that needs a lot of skill in order for a sure win, he's the type of hero that doesnt get late in teamfights especially those who are good at him so lets start the guide!


Johnson is a pure tank where in he specializes ganking and surprising enemies with a sweet taste of his car, his ult is a game changer early to late game so its best to practice it more often

Pros And Cons

  • Very tanky
  • Best tank for ganking
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Has good CC

  • Difficult
  • Counterable
  • Needs the right time to use his Ult


When Johnsons hp goes 30% he will gain an enormous shield, the shield increases depending on how much armor Johnson has

Johnson throws his pliers to a location dealing damage along the way, once it reaches to its location it will stun the enemy

Johnson sends rays out of his shield dealing continuous damage to enemies in the fan-shaped area, he can use his 1st skill and basic attacks while the shield is up

Johnson turns into car mode, while he's getting ready, Johnson's defense goes up and 1 ally can "ride" Johnson, then after that, Johnson drives, you can only control Johnson with the joystick and you cannot stop him unless you press your Ult again or if he hits an obstacle or hero, enemies that are not a hero will only get knocked up, when Johnson hits an enemy hero, any enemies near the impact will get stunned and after that, Johnson creates an electrical field slowing and dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area


For emblem i choose
  • Tank Emblem
  • Max on Magic Resistance
  • 1 on Armor and 2 on Magic Resistance
  • And Tenacity to support his passive

For spells, Flicker is recommended in case if you made a wrong ult or if you're chasing someone or escaping

Petrify is also reccommended for additional CC


  • Magic/Warrior/Tough Boots- for faster cd or for his passive or if there are too many magic dmg dealers or for burst magic dmg dealers like Eudora
  • Blade Armor- one of his core items, it is used to increase the shield from his passive tremendously
  • Oracle-to also help increase his shield
  • Dominance Ice- so that they wont escape your electric field

Situational Items
  • Athena's Shield-for added shield and magic resistance
  • Fleeting Time- for faster ult cd
  • Antique Cuirass- for fast attack speed marksmans
  • Immortality- for super late game


In early game, help your damage dealer (commonly they are in mid) to farm and kill jungle monsters, keep poking with your 1st skill and clear waves fast with your 2nd skill

Once you're lvl 4 its time to gank, choose any lane that has enemies near your tower then go to that/those enemies (make sure you have a teammate while you're in car form for sure kills) if you're good at driving Johnson, you can go from mid - bot or mid - top

At mid game, always keep an eye out for potential teamfights, make sure your teammates are fast enough or near the enemies for a successful teamfight

Always hit the damage dealers with your Ult so that they dont have time to use their skills or basic attacks

At late game, Johnson is very tanky but really needs his shield, only ult if your passive is ready (you can see it above the regen button if there's nothing above your regen button that means your passive is ready) and also for a potential teamfight, repeat this until you win, and remember to push

Best Pairs

Johnson+Odette: the well known combo, odette rides Johnson then when Johnson hits an enemy Odette uses her combo and since both of Odette and Johnsons ult are AOE it will be a successfull teamfight, the only problem of this combo is that Odette's ult can be cancelled if CCed so make sure the enemies are remained CCed while Odette is using her Ult

Johnson+Alice- same as the JohnDette combo, Alice rides Johnson, then when Johnson hits an enemy Alice does her combo, this combo doesnt really have a problem unlike the JohnDette combo since Alice's ult cannot be cancelled by CC, its only problem is that Alice's ult area is much smaller than Odette's ult

Other Best Pairs
  • Johnson+Angela
  • Johnson+Leomord
  • Johnson+Badang

  • Chou- Chou can immune Johnsons Ult meaning he cannot be stunned by Johnsons Ult and Johnsons Ult immediately activates
  • Lancelot- same as Chou but once Lancelot immunes Johnsons Ult, Johnsons Ult doesnt stop and keeps going
  • Claude-When Johnson is about to hit Claude, Claude can dodge Johnsons Ult with his 2nd skill

In short, Johnsons Counters are those who have Immune or Blink/Dash skills

Tips and Tricks
  • When you've hit an enemy with your Ult, wait for the stun to go off before you stun them with your 1st skill for longer stun duration
  • Once you've pressed your Ult, you can immediately press it again to immediately make Johnson drive but the drive speed is slower than when you wait for the ult to activate
  • You can use Johnsons ult as an escape skill
  • Keep practicing Johnsons Ult at practice mode and always study the map

Thats it for the #Johnson_Guide_AdminFaFa hope you liked it!

- MLTL AdminFaFa