Join and Help - UE Manila's Open Tab Raffle For A Cause

Feeling the urge to help and getting lucky at the same time? Here's a great way to hit those two birds with one stone. The Open Tab Project of UE Manila Campus and UE Esports Warriors are now doing their best to raise funds to directly help UE students from the academic burden brought by the pandemic crisis.

And now, they've created Open Tab Raffle For A Cause where you can win a normal skin, 10 epic skins, OR 3,319 DIAMONDS!

UE Manila's Open Tab.jpg

As you can see, there are 71 slots left for those who want to join. Just by paying a raffle entry of PHP 100, you'll have a chance to win these prizes. You might recognize some of the logos under the prizes. They're the sponsors who made these prizes explode. Well, let's introduce all 14 of them.
  • Butters
  • BAASHesports
  • SINAG Pilipinas
  • Nemean Esports
  • Doc Eros TV
  • Sh1n Boo
  • Astral Esport Online Tournament
  • Red Boss Gaming TEAM
  • Daoming Si TV
  • Minimal PH
  • ASH Esports
  • Brew Crew Esports
  • UE Esports Warriors
Oh, by the way, it was written two times in the poster already. But, let me remind you again, send your a screenshot or picture of your receipt to them as it will serve as your raffle entry. They provided three different accounts where you can pay at the lower part of the poster.

UE Manila's Open Tab b.jpg

Clipped from the original Facebook post
You wonder where the funds will go? Here's a quick preview of how they'll use it. They're planning to help their fellow UE students who really need help during this season.

As we all know, we're about to face a digital type of classes and there are students who are in danger of getting left behind. The funds will primarily provide tablets, the extra funds will be able to supply pocket wifi, and the final drop will provide further assistance such as installment fee.

UE Manila's Open Tab c.jpg

The prizes might be the jewel in our eyes right now. But, let's not forget the real reason of why we're doing this. If you want to extend further help, the photo above provided by their page includes all the accounts where you can donate. And, they're also accepting pre-loved items that you might want to sell.

All of these will greatly help the UE students who are in danger of getting left behind from the approaching digital education. We might be gamers, but let's all help each other as students and promote