Joining Dead by Daylight later this year are Resident Evil’s Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca

Dead by Daylight is truly a thrilling and horrifying survival horror & action game as it pits four players who will play as a Survivors and one player who will play as a Killer by either being a terrifying beast, monster, or serial killer.

project w.png

Survivors need to complete the tasks around the map without getting tortured, murdered, or left on a hook to be eaten by an eldritch spider god. And as if that was not enough, last Wednesday at Behaviour Interactive's presentation, the developers revealed a new set of characters from Resident Evil that will be added in the game.

Casts from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis are already part of Dead by Daylight including Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and the titular Nemesis, as they were added in the first Resident Evil crossover chapter. The Raccoon City Police Department map was also included. As this chapter was successful, it earned another crossover, which is the Project W that includes Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as Survivors, and Albert Wesker as the newest Killer.

Albert Wesker is part of the first Resident Evil game as the leader of the elite STARS unit. It was later revealed that he was a traitor who had been working for the corrupt Umbrella corporation. With his history as a test subject for Project W, he is augmented and empowered, which made him the perfect antagonist to many Resident Evil games. He only stopped after Chris Redfield threw him into a volcano at the end of Resident Evil 5.

albert wesker.png

Armed with a knife, his previous training, and his physique, he makes a perfect Killer in Dead by Daylight. He also wields the Uroboros Virus to infect survivors and smash through barriers, which makes him more deadly.

rebecca chambers.jpg

Appearing in the remake of the first Resident Evil game and its prequel, Resident Evil 0, Rebecca Chambers is a medic for STARS. It seems that with her background as a medic, she’ll be a big help to her allies. Ada Wong, on the other hand, first appeared in Resident Evil 2 but played a much bigger role in Resident Evil 4. She’s a notorious spy and double agent.

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Project W will be released later this year. Interested players can purchase all of the Resident Evil characters in the crossover chapter in a larger Resident Evil franchise bundle, including Wesker (also known as the Mastermind), Ada, Rebecca, Jill, Leon, and Nemesis.