Joycity's TERA: Endless War Pre-Registration Event And Rewards Are Now Live iOS Android 

Joycity revealed the nearing global release date of TERA: Endless War a month ago. Well, the game just entered its global pre-registration stage and despite receiving mixed reviews in its early developments, the game seems to be progressing smoothly. I know you have questions and I'll try to answer them right away.

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Now, before we go into details, let's clarify what's going on between the "Install" button in Google Play Store, the global pre-registration, and the rewards. While it is true that the game is available in the market for some time already, the global pre-registration just went live recently. And there are two sets of rewards awaiting those who are interested to play the game right now.

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Let's focus first on the store pre-registration rewards. As you can see, the rewards were enough to make your eyes shine. But wait, there's more! The pre-registration milestone rewards will be given to everyone and as more players pre-register, more rewards will be unlocked.

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As of this moment, the game's pre-registration event is fresh but it already reached the first milestone. 250,000 Iron, 250,000 Food, and 250,000 Wood may already be redeemed once you enter the game. Just looking at the final milestone will make you pray for more players. So, if you're reading this, I might as well encourage you to try the game. But, what exactly are the contents of the game?

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If you combine the mobile games Hexonia and Clash of Kings, this TERA spinoff will be the result. You got a hexagonal-shaped environment and Clash of Kings gameplay system. But, let's not compare the game as a whole. The fact that the original characters from its parent game were ported into this mobile game makes it unique.

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The game's content includes co-operative PVE and army-vs-army PVP. Made from Unreal Engine 4, the game offers a brand new strategical gaming experience. Train troops and upgrade buildings to overcome new challenges. Take part in events and get better rewards. But I guess all of those things along with its other contents are for you to find out.
As for the pre-registration link, I'll provide it down below along with the Google Play Store and App Store pages. If you find the game interesting, why not join our discussion in TERA: Endless War.