July Update: Clash Royale Best Deck for Arena 3 - 5 (From 800 to 1700 Trophies)


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Apr 27, 2019
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Stucking in Arena 3-5 in Clash Royale, especially Arena 4? Take Arena 4 for example, you'll probably face players with their King Tower at 7 or even 8, which is quite unfriendly and frustrated sometimes. Below I collected several decks suitable at this stage. Some are quite budget while some may require you have the right epic cards.

Best Giant Deck and Strategy for Arena 3-4

Many players in Arena 3 are asking about how to get to Arena 4. Today I want to share this deck which helped me successfully push from Arena 3 to Arena 4. I have won 5-10 games in a row with it. It has got me some amazing victories.

Card Analysis

Spear Goblins – Solid card. Can distract Prince/Mini P.E.K.K.A. Great at supporting the giant, especially after you’ve seen your opponent waste their Arrows/Fireball on offence or on your minions.

Witch – The main damage dealer of this deck. You will want to use her on offense most of the time but sometimes she is very useful at dealing with Minions, Prince, P.E.K.K.A,… Don’t play her next to your Tower If your opponent has either Rocket, Fireball or Lightning Spell.

Giant – The main tanker of this deck. Sometimes you can use his on defense too for soaking damage and protect your support troops.

Prince – I usually use him to push on the other tower after I have a good counter push. If unattended a prince coupled with spear goblins will easily clear a tower.

Goblin Hut – Its Spear Goblins can distract P.E.K.K.A, Prince and much more. If the enemy sends a tank towards your way, and it’s ignoring your tower, a Goblin Horde will be spawned during the time it takes for the tank to die and you can counter with your own tank.

Baby Dragon – It’s an air troop that can target air and ground units and does area damage. Also It’s a good tank that can be paired up with anything.

Minions – They are extremely effective to destroy enemy Balloons/Giant, as the Balloon/Giant only targets buildings.

Bomber – It is useful to defend high hitpoints troops against hordes of low health ground enemies, e.g protecting Giants against an opposing Skeleton Army.


1. Keep Bomber and Baby Dragon to take out Skeleton Armies and Minion Horde.
2. If your opponents have Musketeer, use Baby Dragon along with Arena Tower to take her down.
3. Witch and Goblin Hut are mainly used to distract enemies. So you had better drop Witch at the very back of your Towers.
4. Drop troops after enemies crossing river, so that we can have Arena help with defense.
5. Use Goblin/Minion to finish Giant/Hog Rider. After that, make your huge push with Pricne.

Battle Strategy

In the most of time, your opponents’ king tower level or card level are higher than you. It’s wise for you playing defensively.

In the beginning, drop Goblins/Minions once you load up to see which lane your opponents are going to push. After that, make sure you have at least 5 elixir to deal with emergencies and use Prince to counter push.