Just another Pinoy Gamer Streamer - Introduction


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Jun 2, 2018
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What is up? Ketchup? Magandang umaga, tanghali, at gabi sainyong lahat! Chizmeister po nagllingkod at nagpapakilala.

First off, I'd just like to say Thank you sa mga nagestablish nang forums/community na to. I've been scouring the internet for days looking for a good group/community to join. So much opportunities to interact, can't wait to be a regular here so hoping for your warm welcomes.

A little about me. A Filipino gamer now living in New Zealand. Gaming has been a big part of who I am and always had been my hobby for decades. Starting to build a channel and a community of similar minded people, able to share what they love to do and have fun together. (Enough of the toxicity and more of positivity and fun!)

What games do I play? What are your preferred platforms? I'm a variety streamer for consoles (PS4 & Nintendo Switch). Been playing all sorts of games, anything that caught my attention really... I have been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World recently. (Hunting Horn Main)

Hope you share the love and support to a new member and always looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you again for letting me be part of this community.

TWITCH - Chizz902
YOUTUBE - Chizmeister

PSN: chiz902
Nintendo Switch: SW-0234-8139-5324​