K/DA Akali Prestige Edition Skin Event, Lineage 2M, Fairy Tail RPG, and more

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Mar 4, 2015
ROBA or Ragnarok Battle Academy which combines RPG and Battle Royale, then let's discuss the reaction of SEA Players because Garena introduced a gamblying mechanic on the new event for K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin, we will also talk about Lineage 2M, Cyberpunk 2077, Fairy Tail RPG and finally Soulworker Zero EN version for mobile.

Ragnarok Battle Academy

  • Recently a new Ragnarok Game for mobile has been revealed
  • at this point we are no longer surprised as there have been so many games based on the Ragnarok IP this year
  • so what's special about this game?
  • well this time it combines MMORPG and Battleroyale on their new game Ragnarok Battle Academy, or ROBA
  • So what's this game about?
  • well as mentioned a while ago this is a combination of RPG and battle royale
  • according to the press release this is a simulation of the Training Academy or Training Ground of Ragnarok Online
  • so like other BR games there is a red zone the gets smaller where players need to survive to win
  • players join the match as a novice where you need to practice and survive using good teamwork tactics
  • to gain EXP you will have to hunt monsters and bosses in the world of ROBA
  • by doing this not only you gain experience but also equipment
  • speaking of equipment users can choose different weapons and skills
  • this will be advantageous on different fighting conditions
  • this new RO game is a collaboration with Gravity and Extreme Studio
  • here is what the Extreme CEO said
  • “I’m very delighted to have the opportunity to co-develop the game with Gravity, the experienced company that is well known in gaming industry.”
  • if you are interested in the game is still currently in development
  • base from the press release the game is still 80% complete so this may take some time
  • hopefully the hype is still there when the game finishes
  • according to their development process they are testing and checking the process to make sure the game will be in good condition upon release
  • so when the game is finished the game will launch on Thailand
  • although there was no mention of Philippines specifically they added it will also be available on other Southeast Asian Countries
  • unfortunately there was no release date mentioned
  • they also didn't mention is this is free to play but if we follow other Ragnarok games this will definitely be the case
  • but for sure expect micro transactions
  • but the main question is! are excited about this game? are you going to play it?
  • let us know in the comments!

Rising Shield Hero PC Game

  • For the fans of The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • well good news because a new PC games has been announced
  • but don't get to excited because the game is created with RPG Maker MV
  • meaning is the game will look like classic NES RPG games
  • which isn't a bad thing if you like those kind of games
  • So if you are interested, currently the game is available only for Japan
  • but its reported that an English version will be coming out soon as well

Soul Worker Zero

  • Aprogen Games has recently announced the launch of the English version of SoulWorker Zero for Mobile
  • Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your App or Play Store.
  • to those who dont know SoulWorker Zero is an Action RPG based on the PC MMO, SoulWorker.
  • Currently there are 5 different characters to choose from, each with their own unique weapon and abilities
  • and similar to other ARPG’s
  • - there are different game modes in the game such as PVP and real-time Raid battles.
  • Players can also team-up with 3 other Players for a more harder raid which will give better drops

Lineage 2M

  • During the media conference of NCSoft
  • they announced additional technical details for the upcoming mobile MMORPG Lineage 2M
  • to those who don't know this is based on the PC game lineage 2
  • So what's new?
  • well first is according to them they are pushing the graphic capabilities of mobile phones
  • because the game will be in Full 3D graphics with 4K UHD resolution
  • however this will adjust based on the device
  • they are also adding a collision detection
  • meaning when you interact with objects or in fights you will a more realistic impact on the in game objects
  • one of the tech they are claiming is the seamless loading
  • what this means is there will be no loading screen when you go from area to area
  • as for the server capabilities the claim to have “one channel open world”
  • which if this is true each channel can hold over 10,000 players at any time
  • just imagine the PVE and PVP
  • then if you are PC user you are not left out because NCSoft also announced their PC Emulator called Purple
  • which will allow cross platform gaming as well as an integrated streaming functions
  • so those are the tech details for Lineage 2M, what do you think?

Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer

  • If you aren't excited enough for Cyberpunk 2077 well recently CD Projekt Red announced they will be adding a multiplayers component post release
  • this was confirmed on a developers twitter
  • the dev also said that their plan is to deliver Cyberpunk 2077 on april and then follow up with free DLC
  • also aside from this CD Projekt Red have also confirmed that all interactions including cutscenes will be in first person mode only
  • they have also remove the gender selection
  • instead players will have to choose a body type of what they want
  • so if you are interested Cyberpunk 2077 is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16, 2020.

Fairy Tail RPG

  • Recently the publisher Koei Tecme announced a Fairy Tail RPG game
  • the game will be based on the manga series and will be developed by Gust
  • there isn't much information regarding the game but more info will be revealed on the TGS 2019
  • so don't forget to subscribe to get updated
  • and if you are interested, the game will be released on PC, Switch and PS4 on 2020

Garena K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin

  • Recently the SEA Publisher for League of Legends “Garena” introduced a new event called K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin
  • and instead of being purchasable via Riot Points well they used a gambling mechanic to get the skin
  • and is getting backlash from players
  • so what's the issue?
  • according to the lore
  • K/DA Akali misplaced a song for her comeback concert and so requires the plays to find the missing songs
  • sounds easy right?
  • well nope
  • you will need to spend RP to participate where you need to correctly select the song while its shuffling
  • so basically this a loot box mechanic requires luck if got the wrong one this will result on a random reward until you get the correct soundtrack
  • according to Dotesports in order to guarantee a skin drop you will need to spend 10,000 RP
  • this will allow you to remove the eight soundtracks with the final one being the correct one
  • hence winning the K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin
  • in one of the reddit post with currently more than 500 upvotes
  • players showcased their dismay regarding this mechanic
  • with some players saying the Garena is worst the mobile games
  • here is one post from a Filipino player
  • “I'm a player from Garena PH. As scummy and as money-grabby as these events look, you can easily get good things from it for as low as low as a dollar. We aren't forced to buy these things and you can still get the items the normal way, a.k.a. buying them from the store.”
  • however not all are siding the this is bad as one redditor states
  • “While I'm not defending Garena's shady business practices, in the Philippines 10000RP is just slightly under 40USD (which is still a cheaper option than purchasing 100 prestige points manually)”
  • yes this is cheap for some people but in the Philippines 40 usd is a lot of money
  • which another reddit user said
  • “For a lot of people here, it's at least 2 whole days worth of income.”
  • we won't argue with this because it's true
  • and the sad thing is a lot of mobile games in the Philippines are currently using this loot box type of mechanic
  • like Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival
  • so are we going in this direction? will our government regulate this?
  • who knows
  • but what do you think?
  • is the Garena’s new mode exploitative? let us know in the comments below!


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