K-POP stans unite! BTS Universe Story will be up in 24th of September for Android and iOS

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Well, nowadays there are a lot of things to be a part of, games, movies, and comics communities are one of them. But, if something can have a fanbase then there's nothing that will beat the power of the fans of a certain group, music fandoms, from the Beatles, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, you know name, they probably have a massive fandom. Yet, there's one that will definitely storm and raid you if you done anything wrong, the K-pop stans! Man, this news will be a treat for them.

BTS Universe a.jpg

On September 24, a new game will be released by Netmarble that will interest the k-pop stans in playing a game for their "bias" or their favorite. Featuring, "BTS Universe Story". This game is an interactive story game where you decide the fate of the popular K-pop boy group in South Korea. Will they end up a success story or a failing star in the end. That's the call of the players, just seeing their favorite ones and interacting with them will surely bring a smile on the fans' faces, so that alone might bring them to play this game.

BTS Universe b.jpg

The game also features a collection system where the players can collect accessories and costumes for their favorite idols and dress them up as they please. Some may prefer their casual look while others might want to see them do daring styles. Well, the choice is in their hands to see if it fancies them. The majority of the BTS fans are female and by data from the past, they love to play dress-up games, adding this feature is a net positive for Netmarble and the developers as it will add a simplistic thing to do while playing the game, increasing engagement, that's for sure.

BTS Universe c.jpg

While waiting for the game to release, BTS stans can play the card collection event on this web page, https://btsuniversestory.netmarble.com/en/event, and get their bias' cards which might include a message that will definitely make them up for joy. So, if you are waiting for a few more days while the game releases, then try getting your idols' cards here.

BTS Universe d.jpg

For some it may be a simple game, but for the fans, this is a fanservice that they will enjoy, there is no news if there will be microtransactions or anything but you bet that the power of the fandom will support this game with or without premium currency. Will this game pop off like a dynamite? Only time will tell... But, are you a BTS fan? What are your thoughts in this article, tell us below in the comments!