Kakao Games and dev XLGAMES announced MMORPG sequel ArcheAge II

In the first ArcheAge 2 teaser trailer, Kakao Games reveals that the next MMORPG will debut in 2024 on consoles and PC. Despite the lack of a firm release date for ArcheAge 2, the second segment of the film has an interview with Executive Producer Jake Song, who provides a quick overview of what to anticipate from the impending sequel.


Like its predecessor, the new MMORPG will focus on open-world environments. Here’s the reveal trailer

The next installment in the MMORPG series, ArcheAge 2, was initially revealed to be under production two years ago. XLGames and Kakao Games reiterated this in September. This time, the development team released a brief teaser that shows a little of in-game action, including a look at foes and talents.

Many new details about the game, including its combat, plot, graphics, and trading system, were disclosed in an internal interview with Jake Song, the producer of ArcheAge and Lineage Games. He continued by saying that the development team hopes to provide an engrossing story in addition to combat, something that players would first not anticipate from an MMORPG. We are aiming for AAA-tier aesthetics with Unreal Engine 5 and our main focus is on production for an engrossing storyline and action-packed combat, Song stated (via Gematsu).


In addition, Song stated that the focus of ArcheAge 2 would be on personal adventures rather than a linear narrative plot, which will result in a distinct story progression from that of the first game. The plot is around figuring out and resolving the riddles of an ancient civilization that has been dormant for thousands of years, blending in with the surrounding environment.


In more detail, ArcheAge 2 will allow players to build their own town with guild members, improve one of the best aspects of ArcheAge, housing, by adding new customization options that let players live with their friends, and last but not least, the developers plan to improve the trading system so that players can do trade runs alone, in teams, or in raids.

ArcheAge 2 is currently targeting a 2024 release window for both PC and consoles.