Kakao Games and XL Games faces lawsuit from NCSoft for "similarities" between ArcheAge War and Lineage M

NCSoft has filed a complaint for copyright infringement against Kakao Games and XL Games, alleging that ArcheAge War, which just debuted in Korea, plagiarized NCSoft's Lineage 2M.


Given the degree of similarity between Lineage M and the most recent ArcheAge game released by Kakao Games and XL Games, NCSoft determined that a lawsuit was necessary. In a press release, NCSoft stated, "We have identified several similarities with the content and mechanism in ArcheAge War, a game launched by Kakao Games and XL Games on March 21, with our main blockbuster Lineage 2M."

Kakao Games and XL Games, which Kakao acquired back in 2020, just released ArcheAge War. Although there is no information about a prospective global release, the ArcheAge IP is still growing around the world. The cross-platform MMORPG originally launched on March 21st in Korea. Following a successful Korean launch, blockchain MMO ArcheWorld is scheduled to go live globally this month. It has also been confirmed that an ArcheAge 2 is in the works.

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Lineage 2M by NCSoft is a cross-platform recreation of the original Lineage 2 for PC and mobile devices. By the end of 2021, it debuted in Korea before debuting in North America and Europe. The CEO of XL Games, Jake Song, worked on the first Lineage more than 20 years ago, and several players have reportedly started pointing out parallels between the two games, from UI to objects, and more about the new game, seemed close to Lineage 2M.

Then, NCSoft consulted professionals to see whether there might be substance to it. The company said in its statement that its intellectual property (IP), which must be properly protected as the result of extensive research and development, was duplicated for the latest release. Although a response to the lawsuit is anticipated, Kakao Games and XL Games have not yet provided one.