Kakao Games granted with the publishing of upcoming game Soul Artifact

Kakao Games, you may have heard that publisher before, but it is no surprise as they manage Black Desert Online in Europe, but hey, they have more than that in their sleeves.

Soul Artifact.jpg

After all, the reason why I said that is because the next game that they will manage might fancy your interest and try the game out for yourself. What is the game, you ask? Well, the title is Soul Artifact, and let's talk about what it is about.

Soul Artifact is an upcoming game that will arrive in 2021, it is managed by NINEARK, a Korean indie studio that is headed by those who have developed some games in the past which includes include Atlantica Online and Goonzu Online. Soul Artifact is touted by those who have seen it as a character-collection mobile RPG, which makes it ring "gacha" in my mind, but let us wait to see what kind of character collection scheme they will create in the game.

Other details from gamebase include states that the game will have a middle-ages fantasy setting, which is the formal name of the medieval periods. We can imagine things like Feudalism, knights, castles, kingdoms, and chivalry as one of the focal points of the game. But without proper information, we are only just guessing at what the game will be.

Soul Artifact a.png

As for the graphics, we only have one image to rely on and it does look the game might have an anime-inspired aesthetic which, personally, I am a sucker on. Hopefully, they can polish the game so it can turn out to be a great success. Knowing the fact that the game will be on global release in 2021, they have a lot of time to make the game, a memorable one.

Soul Artifact b.png

With the high bar of games on mobile right now, we hope that they make something unique to impress mobile gamers. But what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments if you are anticipating the game as well.