Kakao Games has announced that the Eversoul collectible mobile RPG will be released worldwide in 2022

Eversoul was first announced back in August 2020 as Soul Artifact but was later renamed to highlight the element of eternal and immutable soul. It is the latest project of the Korean start-up NINEARK and will be published by Kakao Games, which is also the publisher of the recently launched game Moonlight Sculptor. Eversoul was previously set to release in 2021 but has been postponed and is now slated for a global release in 2022.


The game has also confirmed its participation in the G-STAR 2021 game show, which will take place in Korea from November 17 to 21.

Eversoul is a new project produced by Korean start-up NINEARK and distributed by Kakao Games. It was first unveiled in August 2020 as Soul Artifact, but has since been renamed to Eversoul to emphasize the aspect of "eternal and unchanging soul."

Everything you need to know

Eversoul is a collectible mobile RPG based on a post-apocalyptic, medieval world, based in the fantasy genre, where players can collect characters created with animated 3D graphics and get to nurture and communicate with them. The game is embodied with a romantic storytelling system based on the likeability system borrowed from dating simulation apps, along with a system to manage territories using SD characters to create a unique bond between players and characters.


In addition to basic elements like combat and progressive growth, the players can also experience elements of management gameplay by using the collected spirits in various game modes. The game also offers a job system for the players to manage their game style, like going through the Rogue-like dungeon with various gimmicks.

As of now, that is all of the information that has been released about the game, but the developers plan to disclose new information about Eversoul quite soon. Players can also check out the official website for further information on the game.