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Nov 13, 2018
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I saw this app called kalaro being shilled by philippines gaming sites, what are your opinion on this? you can checkout the demo video below

i dont want to jinx it but it feels this app is dead on arrival since we have better alternative out there backed by larger industries like razer

What is Kalaro?

Kalaro is an easy to access esports platform that empowers gamers to be e-athletes. We offer gamers an all-in-one experience where one platform can handle consolidated gaming profiles, on-demand video streaming, and competition access for local and regional tournaments.
We are a community. We are your virtual gaming companion.
Our Vision and Mission
  • To Assimilate gamers into a purposeful regional game ecosystem
  • To effectively empower gamers with a virtual gaming companion in becoming an e-athlete
  • To equip Filipino gamers with easy access to e-games tournaments and win in the ASEAN region.
The advocacies behind Kalaro digital esports platform are:
1. to help support novice, up and coming and professional esports players financially benefit from their passion by connecting them to corporate brands for sponsorship and getting the needed social media stature/ presence;
2. provide a secure, safe & scam-free digital platform and
3. give our users a frictionless integrated gaming & entertainment platform.
Kalaro is unique and created specifically for us Filipinos. Let's enjoy being together and be proud of our very own esports digital platform.

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