Karina Build and Guide


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Oct 9, 2018
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Go to your lane and clear the minion waves, make sure you go jungle and clear the jungle monsters, and not to miss out on any minion waves. Don’t forget to use Retribution(if you’re using it) to secure last hits on buffs.

Once you hit level 4, it’s time to apply pressure on other lanes. As an Assassin role, you should not stick to one lane only. Go to the mid lane, apply pressure on the enemy carry or better yet, secure a kill for your carry and create space.

You can buy an Enchanted Talisman early to aid your mana problems. Do not be afraid to use Elusiveness to move around quicker.

Mid game

You should be able to dish out quite a decent amount of damage now, and team fights are happening more often.

DO NOT rush first into the fights. Initiating as a Karina is a bad idea, you’re going to get CC’d the crap out of you and turn the fight into a 4v5.

Instead, wait out and flank and pick off enemies that are running low on health/pressure their carry. Force the enemy carry to move away from his team while you still are able to join in the fight to clean up.

Late game

At this point you should have full/close to full build. You can usually take out an enemy carry from 80% almost immediately. Once the teamfight has started, wait for the CC spells to be cast/your team’s initiation before you jump in.

Once again, aim for the high value targets like Estes. If none, go for their carry and take them out of the equation.

After that, get some distance away from the enemy and wait for your skills to come off cooldown and re-engage into the fights and clear the whole team.


When you are facing up against another Karina, it is important to get more farm than her. In teamfights, do not engage first as your health will be low enough for the enemy Karina to burst you down.

Instead, wait out for your team to lower the enemy’s health so that you can combo them out, and escape from the enemy Karina. Your Elusiveness will block the enemy Karina’s Elusiveness’ slow from proccing, so you can escape.

If you’re dying too much, consider if you’re playing too aggressive without any backing of your team.


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Aug 19, 2021
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Her goal during this stage should be to unlock her ultimate ability at level 4, which allows her to deal significant damage to enemies. She should avoid engaging in fights unless she has a clear advantage or a teammate to support her.