Kelra of Omega Esports Hinting Against Blacklist International’s “Gold Laner” – Ch4knu’s Motivation to Win

Omega Esports’ former Gold Laner and now Jungler, Grant "Kelra" Pillas, made a daring statement against Blacklist International’s Gold Laners, Kiel "OHEB" Soriano and Lee "Owl" Gonzales, during a post-match press conference.


As the MPL PH season 12 kicks off, the platform is heating up between Blacklist International and Omega Esports as they are scheduled to play a highly anticipated match this week, the last scheduled match of Blacklist International for week 1 of the regular season. Omega Esports is oozing with confidence as they won against RSG PH in the first week of MPL PH season 12. Blacklist International and Omega Esports had a controversial history during the previous seasons of MPL PH. Hence, Agents (Blacklist’s fans) and Barangay Omega (Omega’s fans) are looking forward to this upcoming match.

In a post-match press conference, the former Gold Laner of Omega Esports was asked who the player in Blacklist International is that they are preparing the most for their upcoming match. Kelra did not hesitate to answer and confidently said he doesn’t need to prepare for the player he will be facing because he knows he can take him down. They will be watching out for Blacklist’s mid-lane instead because, according to him, Blacklist’s gold lane is not a problem for them and doesn’t have that significant impact on their match-up. Although Kelra did not mention any names, he and OHEB have a long-term rivalry, which also stirs a debate in Mobile Legend’s community about which one of them is better as the gold laner. Having said that, this bold statement by Kelra might indirectly refer to the "Filipino Sniper" OHEB.


Ch4knu shares his motivation for this MPL PH season

Omega Esports had a great start, winning their first match against Nexplay Minana EVOS with a clean sweep in the first week of the regular season of MPL PH season 12. One of Omega’s returning veterans, Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog, showcased his signature heroes with his impressive performance considering his inactivity during the MPL PH season 11. Ch4knu shared what inspires him to come back stronger and as a progressive MLBB professional player to become more prepared for their upcoming matches.

In a post-match press conference, Omega’s "Best Tank" shared how his habits may have affected his performances during the previous season before having a season break and how he became more disciplined as he returned to the MPL scene once again.

According to him, he used to sleep and wake up late, but not this season, as he is more disciplined in aiming to improve his performance and fulfill his role as a roamer. When asked what drives him to be more disciplined, it was his family and pet cats. He added that he will no longer have anything to feed his cats if they lose.


Kelra’s striking statement will be proven sooner as Omega Esports will be facing Blacklist Internation on the 10th of September at 6:30 PM PHT. It will be enthralling to witness what both teams are preparing to showcase for their upcoming matches. It will be broadcast through MPL PH’s official YouTube channel and Facebook account.
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