KH Rhythm Game? Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory announced for PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch

It has been common sight that Kingdom Hearts have weird spin-offs, Chain of Memories have sent you searching through memories via a card battle which is very interesting while others like Kingdom Hearts: Coded sends you to another trip in the memory lane but this time, it is about doing some sort of digital puzzle game. This time however, you're about to enter more memories but in the form of a rhythm game.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will bring you to explore more memories, from the trailer it has something in relation to Kairi as she is deeply involved there. One comment in r/Games reddit regarding this news has talks about Kairi seeing Sora's memory through the game. Some fans have stated that the lore of Kingdom Hearts has always been told in every game of it and it seems Melody of Memory will be the same as the others.

How does the gameplay work? Simple, like in the trailer, Goofy, Sora, Donald and other classic characters that you have played with before will move along as some enemies like the Heartless will come and block their way, every time you hit an enemy, a sound will be produced therefore making this game a rhythm game. Interestingly enough, it may have some challenge along the way but it seems like a good amount of fun for those who wish to see their favorite characters even in a rhythm game, for sure, rhythm games are not for everyone but some fans might find this interesting.

But from the initial reaction, some may not be pleased. The fact that important lore is in the spinoff which other fans are skipping since it's not interesting for them ticks them off because they might not see it happen. Like stated above, the creators of KH has always been doing this and some are really irked now because of this.

Well, it will take some time to see more of this as we just got wind of this news earlier, but for a rhythm game player, this is interesting, how will they plan to do it to make the game fun at the same time inserting lore for the game. Only time will tell. It is also worth to mention that this is the Kingdom Hearts game to arrive in the Switch, seeing as the Switch is one of the more successful console of Nintendo, maybe we will see more. Are you interested about the game? If you are a Kingdom Hearts player, any reactions? Tell us in the comments below!