Killer Instinct's Arbiter Skins

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    Microsoft's fighting game Killer Instinct will introduce a new character coming from the Halo anti-hero character Arbiter for the upcoming Killer Instinct 3rd season next month. 343 Industries shared a new detailed Arbiter about its weapons, armor,stage, and many more.

    First, his weapons and items. These include his trademark energy sword, as well as a Type-51 Carbine, and plasma grenades. Below is a full rundown of these, as written by 343.


    Halo 2 Arbiter








    The new season will also bring with it numerous character tweaks and rebalances as well as some visual improvements . Killer Instinct was first released in 2013 on Xbox One, and is scheduled to be released for PC this March. The PC version of the game will be exclusive to Windows 10.

    source via gamespot
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