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Aug 7, 2018
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King of Kings is a western fantasy MMORPG. The game has 4 races and 27 classes to select. You can also reach wherever you want in this open world. In addition, you don't have to spend too much time to be on top! You can reach the max level within 7 days.

The story of the King of Kings takes place in a mystical land, Tanglamia. The chaos world is confronting with a war and various challenges. Warriors! Joining us to fight together!

Dear Warriors, you have seen the introduction of the four races. We are curious about which race is your favorite. Tell us your choice and reason below

They have a passion in brave and dare to fight against destiny . Maybe they look a little bit rude, but they regard for the glory more important than their own lives.

The Orcs live in the barren eastern continent - Huskarna. The lack of resources cause endless conflicts among the Orcs. The land is dyed bright red by the infertile soil, or perhaps instead by the fallen Orc warriors' blood.

Barrenness of the western wilderness and brutal beasts taught Orcs a lesson, violence is the way to survival here. Orcs never fall back, they are born warriors and they tear all theats to shreads.

From the day they were born, they have been safeguarding Tanglamia, their home for generations, a continent be thrown into endless cycles of disaster and serenity, warfare and peace. Now, the Doom Legion brings forth destruction and calamity.
The Human will unite again and fight for the hope of survival!

The Human has long been a symbol of diligence and wisdom. The magnificent Skarabare City is the mark of Human civilization. Majestic buildings stood tall, with the Griffins circling the castle sky displaying the might of their impenetrable defense.

The self-claimed "Children of the Wind" seek the harmonious co-existence with the nature. They have rebuilt their civilization, and protected the origin of life on this planet. When the darkness strikes, the High Elves will defend their belief in the Wind God's name!

The nature-loving elfs are borned in Aranas, where the trees are abundant and the skies lit with spetacular aurora. Aranas is truly a beautiful land made of nature and magic.

Some of the elves were threatened by the forces of darkness and turned into human that believed in the great light. Long history has created the human civilization.

Elves live in the forests and natural land in the northeast and defend the beliefs of the wind. They are so elegant and beautiful.

The ore veins are their dearest treasure, while alcohol is their favorite thing. They enjoy friendship and adventures, and will never flinch even in the face of giant beasts. Now, someone is trying to take everything the Dwarves cherish from them. Thus, the Dwarves will make them pay!

The mysterious Drawves live amongst the icy mountains, where the misty smoke circle the icy peaks and the snow storms howls. The Drawves' constructs are just as mysterious as their civilization, with plenty of metallic touch.

The male dwarves have handsome beard and the female dwarves are very cute. Dwarves can hold huge weapons with their small bodies to output dexterously in front of the ferocious enemy!

From now on, we'll introduce the 9 basic classes. The first class is fighter. All fighters believe that the best defense is offense.
Fighters will use unstoppable attack to break every defend in this world. For fighters armors and shields are useless, only thing they need is fight!

Dragonrider is defined as a tank, which has multiple skill combinations. Not only does it attack the enemy to heal itself, but also it can remove the state of stunned and immuned from the magic damage during the battle!

Besides that, dragonrider can drag the enemies from afar and stun them. The most spectacular thing for dragonriders is that they are able to summon the golden dragon, drastically speeding-up and reducing the damage during the time!

When the golden dragon appears, it really amazes Luna for a long time!

Bard is often defined as a healer, however it doesn't mean that they can only be supporting characters. In King of Kings, bard uses bow and gun to attack, and this made their damage amount higher than other healers!

Besides, bard also has healing and buffing skills, the class is multi-functional, but the area of healing and buffing is limited, warriors needs to pay attention to it!

BattleMage is the advanced class of mage, it has high defense quality and group control skills, this makes BattleMage a tank in the team

Besides, a BattleMage can also use arcane power, they can slow-down, silence the enemies and even control them! They can also reduce the damage they get by using skills

A powerful wizard could unleash flame and frost to bring destruction to his enemy.

Healer! Healer! I need help! DPS always yell like that in the raid. Their lives are up to you.

Warriors are the core of the battlefield, their shields used not only to protects allies but also as a mighty weapon.

Mages with their power of arcane, are able to release powerful torrents, as well as transforming the enemy.

Paladins are the divine incarnation of god, their shield protects their faith, their sword fulfill their god's will.

Rogue relies on their adept techniques and cover of the environment to achieve single strike kills.

Dark Sage
Dark sage holds the power of darkness and the forbidden arts, mess with them and they will make you pay. They don't need to hire skeleton troops or find explodable corpses to defeat the strong enemy.

Without doubt, compared to other classes, necromancers are more of lone wolves, but they can absorb the energy from the enemies, slow them down and confuse them into a created area full of poisonous fog, thus beat the enemies with huge amount of damages.

They can also turn into transparent fogs and being invincible for seconds! Although necromancers are usually defined as DPS in a team, but their group control skill always make enemy distraught! If you like these kinds of combat style, necromancer surely will not let you down!

In the wilderness, spreading god's will through bows and traps, that is the Archer.

The unique Necromancer in World of Kings will allow you to kick some ass without the need of summoning skeleton armies or searching everywhere for corpses to explode. That’s right buddies, our Necromancer is more of a lone wolf. But they could drain the life energy from enemies, slow them down, make them completely confused and create an area full of toxic fog which could deal pretty decent damages to all the enemies in it. Or they will just turn themselves into the shapeless fog to become invincible for a few seconds!

Even though Necromancers are defined as the DPS in the team but their annoying endless crowd controlling skills could just piss the enemies off!

So if you are into this style of battles and love to move about and knock the opponents senseless, just hear me out, choose Necromancer.

How do you like this distinguished advanced class?

Reaching the max level within 7 days. We care only about the fun! The brand new game display and gameplay to get you back to the original throb of the MMORPG.

The war for the king of kings has begun. You're the next king of kings!

Opening a new world
Reaching the max level within 7 days, no spending needed to reach top level! Support 40 vs 40 PVP! 5 production skills for you to learn! Bringing you back the MMORPG experience.

27 classes to choose
3 Advanced class for each of the 9 Main class, a total of 27 classes! You can change your class whenever you want!

Seamless world map
You could explore the vast open world and be wherever you want! No time wasted for map loading. Various mounts for you to ride and appreciate the magnificent scenery of the open world.

Calling your allies, proving your blood, becoming the king of kings
To be a king in one server is not good enough. Dominate PVP battlefields, dungeon raids and guild wars in all servers to prove your power and strength!

King of Kings, await you to be the KING!

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The war rages on. As the shadow of the Black Dragon looms large over the planet of Ideon, you must light the flame of hope to deliver the world from endless darkness. Take up arms against this powerful evil, hero, and become the realm’s long-waited savior!

  • Make Your Hero
  • Choose your favorites from:
  • 4 races, each with their own story;
  • 9 classes with 27 unique advanced specializations;
  • More than 100 different mounts and pets that will satisfy the collector in you;
  • And distinctive fashion styles that set you apart from the others!
  • Dozens of dungeons with multiple difficulty levels
  • Tank, healer, DPS—shine in your role and carry your team
  • Obtain legendary gear from dungeons
  • Party sizes ranging from 5 to 25
  • Engage in real-time PVP battle to claim ultimate glory!
  • Capture flags, carts, and resources—different paths to victory!
  • Enormous 20-on-20 battleground maps where you fight for honor!
  • Randomly generated PVP maps and massive guild battles make for unforgettable encounters!
Realistic In-Game World
  • A 26 square kilometer map waiting for you to explore its every nook and cranny.
  • An expertly told, background-rich story with unique characters.
  • Tundra, desert, tropical jungle—enjoy the breathtaking scenery while hunting for hidden game clues!
  • Make friends with players from all around the world.
  • Talk with each other in-game, communication is the key for overcoming obstacles.
  • Join a guild and help building your own stronghold.
  • Add friends to stay in touch with them whenever, wherever!