Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is the name of the new Kingdom Hearts Game

Last time we talked about how there will be a Kingdom Hearts mobile game in the works soon? There's also been talks that they are making a naming contest for "Project Xehanort"? Well, today they have announced the winning title of their campaign. "Project Xehanort" will now be named as Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will follow the story of Xehanort before he became a villain in the Dark Seeker Saga in the Kingdom Hearts story. It is also speculated that this will include how he and Ventus met, making fans of the series curious as to what happened. According to their past tweet, 10 winners will be selected as to who will win in the naming campaign. Now with the campaign over, the winners will now be contacted to receive their rewards.

Those who participated in the Twitter contest are surprised that the title of the latest game is simple compared to other titles that they have implemented in the past. Others are lamenting as to how they are close to winning the contest, with titles such as Dark Path, Dark Tour, Dark Dive and even Dark Drift. So close, but they are left in the dark!

Other details will be included in mid-February so keep an eye out here to know the latest Kingdom Hearts Dark Road news!