Kingdom Hearts Dark Road releases today, but inside Union Cross

For the Kingdom Hearts fan who are still exploring every lore possible as the game is deep with it, another piece will be unveiled soon. It's not like we are also in the dark of this one, as early as January, we have been hearing news of the incoming game of Kingdom Hearts in the mobile platform. While it has been awhile. The release of it will be later, are you ready?

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road has been teased a while back. It talks about the lore of one of the more known characters in the game, Xehanort. Questions like, "Why did he become a seeker of darkness" and "How did Ventus and Xehanort met?" are ones that are the speculated things that we will know once Dark Road hits the app stores. Although, the JP server is already up and some Youtubers have uploaded content about the gameplay of the game.

In regards to gameplay, it reminds me of Chain of Memories where there are cards below that you can pick and play to fight against enemies such as the Heartless. Other than that, it is still unclear as I can't read Japanese phrases yet. Although the game will be up soon, so this line will give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Dark Road is not a standalone game. It is tied-up with Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, so if you like to play the game, you need to install Union Cross first so that you can play Dark Road. But don't worry, you will not need to play Union Cross that much if you only come to play Dark Road. You can simply finish UX's Tutorial then head straight to DR.

While others are excited to what will happen in the game. Others still have mixed feelings about this decision since others have quit Union Cross because they did not like the game. But others are willing to compromise to take a look at the lore contents of Dark Road. How about you? Are you interested in figuring out what happened to Xehanort? Tell us in the comment section below!