Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road’s Final Update will be released on August 26

Square Enix officially announces the release of the final update of KINGDOM HEARTS Union x Dark Road. After being delayed, the final update of the game will be released on August 26. It will wrap up all the important story beats of Dark Road, bringing the nearly seven year story to its finale.

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Previously announced at the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event, after the release of the game’s final update, the online features of the Union X Dark Road will then be shut down and will transition into an offline app. Simultaneously, the mobile action game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, with a story apparently linked to Union X Dark Road, will have its Closed Beta Test sometime later this year.

Union X Dark Road is a duology of games including Union X and Dark Road. Both games are a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series, taking place several hundreds of years before the events of the main game, even before the Keyblade war. Union X is set in Daybreak Town,where players can create their own Keyblade wielder, exploring different worlds, and picking which side they wish to join before the Keyblade war.

While Dark Road is focused on Xehanort, the series’ antagonist, and his origin story.

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Union X Dark Road is a turn-based RPG where players controls a young Xehanort and his party members including Eraqus, Hermod, Urd, Bragi, and Vor, featuring “Exhilarating” × “Reflex” × “Flick” speedy battles, where players have to select three cards out of five to engage attacks. The enemies will unleash attacks within a certain time. This means that if you select the cards fast enough, you will receive fewer damages. Selecting cards with the same color will unleash more powerful attacks.