KLab and Palworld developer Pocket Pair has announced their partnership for the making of an exciting hybrid-casual mobile game

KLab, the developer of popular games like Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team and Bleach: Brave Souls, and Pocket Pair, the developers of the Palworld, have announced their collaboration for the creation of a hybrid-casual mobile game. This might be in line with the recent job posting for Mobile Game Engineers of Pocket Pair.
klab x pocket pair.jpg

For the uninitiated, a hybrid-casual mobile game is a mix of the simplicity of casual games with the immersive experience of online games. In this genre of game, players will be able to enjoy longer periods of gaming while also generating revenue through in-game purchases and advertisements.

With KLab having experiences in global mobile online games and advertising revenue models, they are finally entering the hybrid-casual game market. Through the collaboration with Pocket Pair who already has a reputation because of the success in indie game planning and development, players can expect that an exciting mobile gaming experience awaits them.

The partnership of the two companies has already started way back in 2020, and now that the extensive testing and improvement is already finished, the project is now deemed ready for the next big stage. However, there’s no reveal yet about the game they were making so for now, we’ll have to wait. Stay tuned for further announcements!