KLab announces new hybrid casual mobile game based on Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

Guild of Guardians
KLab has announced that they will be developing a new hybrid casual mobile game based on the series’ Thousand-Year Blood War anime. This is after they have received consent from the Bleach production committee. The upcoming game will be available in Japanese and English, and will be available worldwide, with an exception for Mainland China.


In the press release, KLab described the upcoming “hybrid casual game” as a model of “simplicity of a casual game with the mechanics of an online game that can be played for a longer period of time”. Aside from advertisements, the game will also generate profits from microtransactions.


Additionally, though KLab did not reveal which platforms the game will be launching on, the press release was posted on PRTimes under the “Smartphone Game” category. With that being the case, it was determined that the new title will be launching for mobile devices.

bleach brave souls.jpg

This will not be the first time that KLab will be releasing a Bleach game, previously, the company has launched a Bleach live service game titled Bleach: Brave Souls. Currently, it is still ongoing. At first, the game was launched on mobile devices, then the developers gradually added PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 to its platform lineup.