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May 22, 2020
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Hows it going guys!
We at Knight Realms. A small community at the moment, and we strive to make this server enjoyable
and fair for all players. New way to experience different gamemodes like Factions with breath-taking features,
a heartwarming Community, a friendly server team, and most importantly a Server that will bring you, your friends
and other players joy!

We are attempting to build a strong community. High prioritization on feedback, future content development,
and fast quality updates. We do not offer Pay-2-Win Ranks, items, or perks but e use all donations to improve your Server.

● Balanced and fair economy
● Interesting and attaching gameplay
● Fair and Professional Staff Team
● Minecraft experience like no other
● Breathtaking builds
● Free Fly
● Stackable Blocks/Items
● Massive rewards
● Custom Enchants
● Excellent hardware and server stability
● Custom jar
● Good anticheat
● and much more waiting for you to come and discover for yourself!

Fresh updates, and a looking-to-hire staff team at your service 24/7 for anything you may need.
If you're interested in participating as a staff member, do not hesitate to make a ticket!

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