Knightcore Universal - New Mobile Dungeon-Based RPG From Taiwan Launched Globally iOS Android 

The global version of Knightcore Universal, a new dungeon-based RPG for smartphones, just recently released. But, before the game even entered the global market, MarsCat, the Taiwanese development team, spent a huge effort to give their creation a chance of good headstart in its own home, Taiwan. They're a relatively new studio, so I guess the risk they took in that campaign is understandable. I can feel their hunger to succeed. Well, let's take a look at their story and creation!

Let's talk about the huge effort and risk that they've made before anything else. When I say huge, I mean it's really huge. As I can see it, they've decided to go all-in and used every possible opportunity that they can get to promote Knightcore in Taiwan. Imagine creating manga, amazing music themes, merchandise, and many more to try and give your new creation a chance to get a high value and attention.

It was truly fascinating and moving to see how much passion MarsCat's group of veteran developers poured into this game. And, to that, they were highly rewarded. According to their description, Knightcore won the "Best Digital Product of 2019" and other Golden awards in Taiwan's annual event. But, I guess you can already sense the dark part of the story.

Well, they may have outdone themselves when they promoted the game in its homeland. But, I can't say the same when they finally released it in the global market. I think they're confident about how they've created Knightcore and the amount of success it garnered in Taiwan. Is there any in-game basis that gives Knightcore the edge to compete with other mobile games? I'm giving my personal and honest review to give you an idea.

What you'll see in the promotional images are actually true. What you see is what you'll get. I've personally downloaded the game and tried to play it for a few hours. If I'm going to give it a straight score, I'll give it a 7/10. The game has a lot of good points if you'll observe properly. But, it does have a lot of holes and weaknesses too. Let's start with its strengths.

At the very beginning, you'll already notice how much effort they've done in terms of graphic designs and quality. The characters are cute and eye-catching and the icons are easy to remember. If you're using a decent smartphone, then the game can run pretty smoothly. The animations and effects are clean and amazing. It's more of a turn-based RPG since it resembles the usual setup for that kind of genre. All I can think of for its comparison is the classic, Hello Hero RPG.

Its features are easy to understand and learn. And the initial picking of your class is a good mix of this build-your-team kind of game. It's like mixing gacha and proper RPG elements in one game. Another thing that I've enjoyed is fast loading transitions whenever you finished doing something or accessing some parts of the game. Despite having heavy content, it's surprising to see how fast it loads.

As for the bad points, it all starts with how messy the tutorial is. I've said that it's easy to learn and understand, but it still depends on how fast you are too. The game doesn't properly highlight newly unlocked features and doesn't fully explain it too. The only good way to find out is to try it. Another thing is its high inclination to future pay2win bundles. I've been playing mobile games since 2014 and I know a possible threat when I see one.

Another bad thing to point out is the large, sometimes confusing, and sometimes annoying, FONT of the skill damage and description whenever the skill animation comes. It annoys me since I can't enjoy the great skill animation. As for the interface, I don't want to rant about it anymore. I've gotten used to messy UIs from other mobile role-playing games out there. I guess it's not that easy to make a clean and compact UI for mobile games.

I guess that's it. The rest of the game features are for you to find out. I recommend playing the game according to how they've designed it - 30 mins to an hour per day. You don't need to spend a long time grinding the game. It has the energy-system of some sort to prevent a whole day of grinding. It's a casual RPG, so play it accordingly.

It's time for the credits! All the images, videos, and content used are properties of MarsCat studio. You've done an amazing job on Knightcore. I'll continue playing it until I've hit a certain wall, hopefully not a paywall. The game is available on both Android and iOS. I'll provide the links down below for you to check out. The game is fresh so expect some good updates in the future. Stay tuned for future news!
Knightcore Universal - Google Play Store
Knightcore Universal - App Store

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