Knights of Sidonia Game Announced for 2021

A new mecha game inspired by the manga series, Knights of Sidonia, is being developed by WFS, the studio behind the mobile game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. The Knights of Sidonia was created by Tsutomo Nihei (弐瓶 勉) and later received a successful anime adaptation in 2014.

The announcement also came with a new film named "Knights of Sidonia: Ai Tsumugo Hoshi" (シドニアの騎士 あいつむぐほし) that sets its release on 2021.

There wasn't any details given yet about the game except for its title, target release date, and platform which is iOS and android. But, they created a site where we can read future news and announcements. You can head there and check it out by clicking here.

Knights of Sidonia was the first anime series that Netflix licensed in 2014. Although not fully created by Netflix, it is an exclusive platform to view it. After the creation of the first two seasons, the fans were left craving for more. Until, recently, a new film with a different story from the manga has been announced. It still follows the story of Nagate Tanizake's life as a Garde pilot that fights against the threat of Gauna.

Using the google translate feature of Chrome browsers, you may be able to read some of the movie details and news on their dedicated site.

Tsutomi will serve as the Chief Supervisor, Hiroyuki Seshita (瀬下寛之) as chief director, Tadahiro Yoshihira (吉平 "Tady" 直弘) as the director for the film, and Polygon Pictures for the production.

Together with its announcement, a teaser trailer was released with a theme song of "Utsume" performed by CAPSULE. With that being said, here's the trailer for you: