Knights of Sidonia: Shoui no Kizuna mobile game debut confirmed on August 12

WFS has announced that the Knights of Sidonia: Shoui no Kizuna mobile game will be released on August 12 for iOS and Android.

The game will celebrate hitting 40,000 pre-registrations by giving all players an unique Ena Hoshijiro outfit and Photosynthesis Stone x 4,400. The game may be pre-registered by visiting the official website or following the official Twitter account.

The game will follow the original Knights of Sidonia narrative as Nagate trains to be a Guardian pilot, according to the introductory PV. Players will also be able to modify their characters' outfits to improve their fighting power. The game's gameplay has yet to be disclosed.






Knights of Sidonia recounts the exploits of Garde pilot Nagate Tanikaze, who was nurtured by his grandpa in Sidonia's subterranean stratum since infancy. He never meets anybody else and spends every day training in an outdated Guardian pilot simulator, ultimately mastering it. He returns to the surface after his grandfather's death and is chosen as a Guardian pilot, just as Sidonia is once again attacked by the Gauna.